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Reporters who are serious about following their industry, technology and how it all meshes in a shrinking business climate will want to follow a blog called Advancing the Story. It’s written by ex-CBS and CNN reporter Deborah Potter.  It’s serious-minded, broad based and worth checking regularly.

A blog called “Stuff Journalists Like” will mostly evoke knowing grunts from its readers in the news biz.  Its posts may make some journalists squirm a bit.  That’s OK, given the fact that journalists wake up every morning knowing they’ll make other people squirm.  Some samples:

Press Passes:  “…journalists really like displaying their passes on lanyards. It allows journalists to show they belong where they are and allows them to be snobby without digging in their wallets for their press pass. Some even like keeping a collection of current and expired press passes on these lanyards.

Coffee:  “It’s the Gatorade of journalists.”

Awards:  “The quench for awards is so much at times that journalists find themselves putting off potential award-winning work to focus on submitting awards entries.”

Cluttered desks:  “Journalists have a lot of reputations. Watchdogs. Seekers of the truth. Defenders of the fourth estate. And completely disgusting slobs.”

Dating other journalists.

And yet, ain’t none of it as amusing as a post in Viewfinder Blues last week called “As Seen on TV.”   This is but an excerpt.  Read the whole post here:

YOU THERE, lounging in that office chair, how’d you like to work off those winter pounds without ever stepping foot in a smelly health club? Care to crisscross the globe – or at least the six closest counties? Wanna be a first responder, but not really help anybody? Have I got a job for you! TV News – that fleeting discipline known to millions and loved by dozens could be your ticket out of that comfortable cubicle farm! Who needs coffee breaks when you could dine daily on fresh tragedy, an endless buffet of broadcast clichés and enough live truck generator fumes to fool you into thinking you’re making a difference in the community. Not only that, you’ll fatten your closet with garish logowear, build up those apathy callouses and slim down that pesky wallet! But wait – THERE’S MORE!

Yeah, we’re unduly obsessive about this guy’s blog.  There’s none more entertaining, nor pointed.  Viewfinder Blues, Stuff Journalists Like and Advancing the Story are all in our blogroll to the right.

H/T to Mostly Media.

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  1. Jim

    On an entirely unrelated note it was nice to see Kevin Rowson actually visit PCA’s headquarters in Lynchburg. Too bad the CEO wouldn’t go on camera, but he did add a bit of depth to the story with some information about the founding of the company.


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