Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

The candy man

One can only imagine how many unintentional guffaws this piece generated on WSB’s 6pm news Thursday.

One one hand, we’ve gotta give Tom Jones some credit.  On this attempted child abduction story, Jones had zip.  No mugshot.  No victim.  No video, except for real estate in a SE Atlanta neighborhood.  No police interview.  He had info from a bad guy’s license plate, but no graphic displaying it.

Would you trust this guy?  Tom Jones, WSB

Would you trust this guy? Tom Jones, WSB

But he had Robert Reese, a second grader Jones apparently found walking home from school.  He had Robert’s mother, who allowed the callow youngster to play along.  And Jones had a handful of the worst kind of candy:  Bubble gum, Blow Pops and Now ‘n’ Laters.  The schtick was Jones “tempting” young Robert with the candy, and Robert stoically turning it away.

In the 5 o’clock version of his story, Jones reports that the would-be molester showed up at a bus stop with candy.  He tempted the children, pulled up his shirt, “and somehow his pants came down,” Jones reported.

Jones took a risk when he decided to semi-embody a creepy dude enticing a child with candy. “If you don’t know him you shouldn’t get in a car with him,”  Robert says while Jones waves the candy under his nose.  It’s precious and more than a little weird.