Daily Archives: March 6, 2009


kimberley-kennedyWhen she was an Atlanta TV reporter / weekend anchor, everybody in town loved Kimberley Kennedy.  She was bright and pleasant to be around.  She had a nice smile.  She “got it,” meaning that she made the best of a flawed profession.  She had an easy rapport with strangers.  She never played the glamor card, though she easily could have.  She was one of the guys, but cleaned up better than the rest of us.

One day, word began to trickle among the ranks that Kennedy had endured a weird and unlikely humiliation:  The man to whom she was engaged bailed out on their large, Southern wedding just hours prior to the event.  Given the fact that Kennedy was always so damned pleasant, it never computed.  And for those of us who weren’t close to her, a word of condolence wasn’t possible.  The subject was too awkward to raise.  To her credit, we never saw her wear the hurt in the field.

Years ago, she left local news and became the host of a weekend entertainment show on WSB.  One would presume that Kimberley Kennedy has moved on.  She has, and she hasn’t.  She’s written a book about that incident, called Left at the Altar.  And she blogs about the complexities of love, often tying it in to reality TV.

We haven’t seen her in years, but maybe we can help her move a few books — and belatedly offer those condolences.

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