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Don Mac

Ageless wonder:  Don McClellan, WSB

Ageless wonder: Don McClellan, WSB

Don McClellan’s piece on WSB about the ING Marathon wasn’t particularly memorable, except for the fact that the ageless McClellan actually showed up to do it.

McClellan retired from WSB as a full-time reporter many years ago.  But he still turns up periodically on the air, typically covering low-impact stories.  His  bio describes him as “the senior reporter for WSB-TV/Channel 2, and he’s believed to be the ‘dean’ of Atlanta’s active television journalists.”  It doesn’t give his age, but it says he’s been in the news business for forty-plus years and was “in the middle of the civil rights struggle (and) the war in Vietnam.”

A search of WSB’s site for McClellan’s stories turns up some oddities, like the 2006 piece he produced on a guy who stole his own dogs from a clinic.  His bio says he now focuses on “human interest stories.”

As a competitor, McClellan was a remarkable guy.  Though his storytelling was very by-the-book, his attitude was always upbeat.  For those of us a decade or two younger than him, it was rather inspiring that a guy with his years could stay so positive about such a flawed industry.  It was almost as amazing as his haircut.

McClellan sounds a little raspy in this week’s piece.  But he’s as sharp and apparently as upbeat as ever.  Ten years from now, we hope he’s still “the ‘dean’ of Atlanta’s active television journalists.”