Daily Archives: April 9, 2009

Raptor’s revenge

Nobody wishes ill against any TV news folk.  They’re just trying to do their jobs, trying to make a living at a time when their stations are teetering and their viewers are increasingly cynical about their motives and brainpower.

Yet they manage to reduce their sympathy points when they produce stuff like this, first reported by Mark Joyella in his always-enlightening Standup Kid blog.

"...and it's clawing at our hair!"

"...and it's clawing at our hair!"

Behold the rage in the face and voice of Orlando anchor Amy Kaufeldt:  “It is dangerous and ridiculous at the same time,” she gripes as she tells viewers that “a hawk is terrorizing people right here at Fox 35” during nesting season.

“The biggest frustration?  We can’t do anything about it.  The vicious bird is protected,” intones Kaufeldt’s co-anchor, Cale Ramaker, leading into a story about a hawk that that has nested for at least two years on the property of the TV station.

David Martin’s package on the bird was much less alarmist, pointing out that in previous nesting seasons, WOFL employees walked with umbrellas or hard-hats to avoid the talons of the bird during the 25-day nesting season.

Now, it seems the anchors would like to “do” something that isn’t in the Fish and Wildlife Service protocol.  Like what, exactly?  Employ a hit man on the mother hawk?

Boo-hoo. A report with a little less “poor, pitiful us” might have engendered more sympathy. One can imagine how many viewers are rooting for the hawk.