Thanks for nothin’, Comcast

You write the caption!

You write the caption!

The cable company known as Comcast is taking its sweet time restoring service to LAF World HQ, located in the 30033 area code.  Sadly, LAF’s internet service is dependent on this company.   So this blog will be on hiaitus until Comcast gets around plugging us back in.

Feel free to advise us to switch our internet service to another provider.  You won’t be the first.

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5 thoughts on “Thanks for nothin’, Comcast

  1. Fence Sitter

    Anyone else seen the video of those little cars getting absolutely smashed in 40 mph head-on collisions? It must have product liability lawyers salivating.

  2. Jim K.

    If I could switch from Comcast, I would. They stink. Their customer service stinks. The people you talk to on the phone are very polite, but if you never get the problems fixed, that’s not good customer service. If they didn’t have a monopoly they’d be gone.


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