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The next generation

News directors wishing for a sneak peak at the next wave of resume tapes may now visit a site that shows samples from latest crop of TV news aspirants from the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism.  The site belongs to Dan Keever, ex-WAGA photog of 33 years, NATAS Silver Circle guy and Grady TV news instructor.  Keever often invites guests to critique final projects in his class. He now invites professionals to weigh in on his website.

Mike Daly was among the critics in Keever’s latest class. Daly is a 20-year TV news veteran, late of WAGA and recently honorably discharged from the US Army.  He’s currently a video production mogul.  Daly’s notes are below.  (The piece below is only one example– go to http://dankeever.com to view them all.  His link is now on our blogroll.)

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By Mike Daly

On April 28th, students in the Electronic News Gathering and Production class at the University of Georgia dropped thumb drives into the cardboard box that Dan Keever uses as a repository for end-of-semester projects. Students must showcase their project before the rest of the class, Mr. Keever, and any guests he has convinced to visit.

One at a time, the thumb drives are pulled from the box. The video projects they contain are viewed on a large screen at the end of the table where the students are seated.

The University of Georgia tags Dan as an “Academic Professional” at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. He’s been there since retiring from WAGA TV in Atlanta in August 2000. Dan began his career shooting film and worked through the various stages of videotape.  He watched television news grow up. Now, as an instructor with 33 years of field experience, he modestly helps shape the future of broadcast journalism.

I was one of the lucky visitors on April 28th. I say “lucky” because I love to watch these projects. Especially when Dan allows me to give my two-cents worth about them.

Renee Williams, a reporter at WCIV in Charleston, SC is a former student of Dan’s and joined me as a guest judge. She had plenty of good insight from someone who is closer in age to the students and succeeding in the biz.

Dan also wants other professionals to take a look at the projects. He posts them at http://dankeever.com and allows for comments. Constructive, professional criticism is what he is looking for here. Warnings of “Stay out of the business! It’s ugly and doesn’t pay well!” is not what he is looking for. These students know it’s a difficult business and have chosen to pursue it anyway, so give them some credit for that. If you want to have at least a small impact on those who will build broadcast journalism of the future, watch the projects and offer some good advice.

(Although Keever may restrict comments on his site — you may still make almost any comment you like on this site. — LAF)

You are going to see some of the same mistakes you made when you first got into the field yourself. You are going to see some mistakes that are still being made today. You are also going to see some potential and some creativity.  Either way, you have an opportunity to play at least a small part of shaping these young men and women who have an enormous job ahead of them.

So, take a look at the projects. Dan Keever and his students will be grateful for any constructive advice you have to offer.