Daily Archives: May 29, 2009

A somewhat bright future

Last month, the national Society of Professional Journalists announced its Mark of Excellence Awards for collegiate journalists.  Based at (but not affiliated with) the University of Georgia, the Red and Black won awards for General News Reporting and Editorial Cartoonist.  What follows is a Q&A with the cartoonist, Bill Richards.  Richards has a family tie to this blog.  Don’t hold it against him.

1.  Best college editorial cartoonist in America.  Way to go.

Stick around long enough and your number will get called.

2.  A bunch of folks from the Red & Black won first-place awards.  Are they going into the newspaper business?

Some are. A few are working at the Gainesville Times. Another is in Florence, Alabama. Another is interning at an English-language paper in Chile. Insert joke about “willingness to relocate” here.

3.  Are you going into the newspaper business?

Yes, as soon as I sell off my Detroit real estate. I have been told by more than one editorial cartoonist that aspiring to get such a gig is like wanting to play in the Major Leagues. And only for the Yankees.  And only shortstop. Plus I heard somewhere that newspapers are dying. But I heard the Ulan Bataar Picayune-Intelligencer is hiring. Have you heard anything?


4.  What’s the backup plan?

I am going back to school to get a BFA in graphic design. It’s a good program because they teach art as business. And if I’m going to have any success drawing pictures for a living I have to be able to showcase my soon-to-be-expanded repertoire.

6.  Your family kinda thought you should have won this award a long time  ago.  What happened?

The Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths.

7.  You decided not to go to journalism school.  Why?

Generally I walk and ride the bus. The burn victims would already be comatose before I could get to the scene for a quote.