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Monica’s closet

Well shod:  Monica Pearson, WSB

Well shod: Monica Pearson, WSB

This makes perfect sense.  This is from a piece linked through WSB’s web site.  The topic:  The footwear of “phenomenal news personality” Monica Pearson.  An excerpt:

Just Call her Monica Marcos– Monica says her husband laughingly calls her ‘Monica Marcos’ after the infamous Imelda Marcos, because she has so many shoes… Monica literally has shoes all over the house even under the bed in the guest room. However, Monica does maintain her boxes for her shoes. This immaculately organized media diva keeps her shoes perfectly wrapped and stored. She even retains the tissue wrap, the inside enclosures, and the framing for her boots.'”

If your gag reflex isn’t too sensitive, read the whole post here.  It’s on a site called examiner.com, “the insider source for everything local.”  And go ahead.  Click on the Pearson footwear slideshow.