Camp Kudzu

There’s a reason there were fewer posts last week.  Once I left the TV news business, I realized that I had an opportunity to be more productive with my free time.  Last year, I debuted at a counselor at Camp Kudzu, a week-long camp for Georgia kids with diabetes.  This past week, I did it again.

Last year, I produced a promotional piece for Camp Kudzu (with photography help from Helen Lester).  This year, I left the camcorder at home.

Camp Kudzu is great.  Feel free to make a donation.  My daughter, Leigh, has been attending variations of it since age 7.  She’s now a counselor, showing her old man the ropes.

This has been a public service announcement from LAF Enterprises and TomorrowVision Media.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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11 thoughts on “Camp Kudzu

  1. Jim

    Glad you went and did it again this year! Sounds like a great experience. And no problem about the lack of posts. The day you put this blog ahead of her is the day you should sell all of your computers.

  2. live apt fire Post author

    Btw– there’s a counselor in the piece named Kathleen Jordan. She’s the daughter of the late Hamilton Jordan, who, with his wife, helped launch Camp Kudzu. Mr. Jordan was President Carter’s chief of staff.

  3. Jim

    On an entirely unrelated note, I was just now sitting here watching my DVR of the 11pm WGCL newscast when I noticed former Weather Channel talent Dave Schwartz doing the weather.

    They tossed to him for the short version in the “first five” and his sig out was, “and that’s your morning forecast” or something like that. Ummm Dave, it’s 11 at night. Looked very very pre-taped.

    Then it came time for the real weather. Dagmar is three words from the end of her out (she did a car review) when she was cut off cold, and the weather intro played. Then Dave came up, and we’re off. He’s as quirky as he ever was on the weather channel. Can’t swear it really was taped, but at the end, it cut to a graphic while he went back to the desk, then cut to a 2 shot with Knox. That shot was about three words long, then it was off to a commercial, so it could have been live or taped. I’d bet taped.

    On the plus side, Dagmar got to test drive a Porsche Cayenne. She’s actually pretty decent in her car reviews.

    1. Jim

      Good to know, it just had a taped feel to it. I guess it was a combination of the way the intro/seg walked over Dagmar’s out, and the minimal interaction at the end.

      Now that it’s not 2 A.M. and I’ve thought about it, it makes sense that it was live-otherwise they’d have redone the first five segment and corrected the “morning” comment.

      Thanks for the reply,

  4. Kay Flowers

    Loved the piece from Twin Lakes! Thanks for the FB updates last week, too. You had more fun than the campers did, I think!

  5. LBJ

    Our daughter provides services for kids with cancer in Knoxville, and the stories she tells are amazing. Some kids have incredible strength and spirit when the chips are down.


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