Blogging “has not gotten there yet,” according the WGCL news director Steve Schwaid.  Can’t really disagree.  Some blogs are there– Huffington Post, Gawker, Politico.  But locally, the only must-read (aside from the AJC, arguably) — and the one other bloggers go to most days — seems to be Peach Pundit.  You may disagree, of course.

But if your name is Monica Pearson, you don’t read Peach Pundit.  Apparently, you read this one.  And a few others.

I-priestess  / blogging / twitter guru Grayson Daughters sampled some opinions about blogs and such following Tuesday’s Atlanta Press Club forum.

(In honor of Pearson, maybe we should just change the name of this blog to “doug.”  Or “fireplug,” which is Tom Houck‘s nickname for this site…)

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8 thoughts on “Fireplug

  1. Jim

    Actually, this one is fast becoming an insider must read. Sometimes we all need a little “what were you thinking” brought into our world, and you’ve done a great job with that, covering the highs and the lows in ATL media.

    Loved the way GCL is going after the Fulco schools PIO. High paid mouthpieces should know better than to put that stuff into a public email. That’s actually one of the things that I’m always trying to remember when I email my friends who may work for gov’t-anyone, anywhere may someday read this.

  2. Mr. Bear

    Whatever blogs may be or may not be, they certainly are occupational therapy for me. I get a chance to articulate an idea and then move on. There are a lot worse ways to spend your time. My humble opinion of Twitter is that it is the CB radio of our day, for example. At least with a blog, you can state your case in a clear way, not in small bursts of 140 characters. Nor is instantaneous information necessarily good information. Like every new technology, we’ll see as the market sorts out what is good and what is not.

  3. kicker

    Jim, agree

    WGCL’s series all week on the school board has been awesome. They’re kicking some butt. And you have to give credit to murphy for calling the state out on the late income tax refunds and how the governor called all of us spoiled.

    WGCL seems like a player now in the market rising from the dead.

  4. Jim

    Yeah, WGCL seems to be doing things pretty well. I know there is a concern about whether advocating is a function of journalism, but I do thing it has it’s place, and they’re doing a great job of it. Other stations may do more extensive investigations, but I think a lot of viewers were tiring of seeing the eye team (or whoever) putting six months into an investigation which told of yet another injustice, only to see no one step up and fix the problem. Again, as I say, given the concerns about journalists being advocates, it seems this does need to be monitored.

    WXIA, on the other hand, is going for the “we’re just your buddies hanging out in your living room” feel, and, I can tell you from watching my wife and her friends watch their shows, it’s working. There is a whole group out there that is connecting with this, I’d bet

  5. tvb

    This takes me back to 2000 or so when I was passing time penning (before the term blog was even dreamed up) and the APC denied me membership because the concept was so foreign. Oh well, I guess I was just ahead of my time.

  6. live apt fire Post author

    Television Bitch was my inspiration. TVB also scared me, because you would review -every single story- on -all- the early evening shows. Whew. I can barely bring myself to watch a newscast each week. But unlike you, I can cherry-pick stuff from websites.

    I rarely got mentioned on TVB and it irritated me. Likewise, I know there are numerous ATL TV folks who rarely / never get mentioned in this blog, good or bad. If only I had your tenacity.


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