In his own words

jim axel1 6.10.09jim axel 6.10.09WAGA produced a nice piece on Jim Axel, the terminally-ill retired anchor who now lives in Florida.  In it, Axel talks about his life, his career, and the cancer that will probably kill him.  It’s a long but moving story, especially for those of us who worked with and admired Axel.

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2 thoughts on “In his own words

  1. Brian

    I remember watching Jim the day he retired. I was 13, they did a nice piece on him and because he was an X-Files fan they used the graphics and called it the aXel Files. As I sit and watch that piece, I notice that one of the reasons it works its because you never hear the producer/interviewer. It’s all the subject. After that, the candid conversation on the set makes it even more powerful.

    Doug, I’ve read your blog and I occassionally comment. I’m not in the news business, or tv business. I’m an insurance agent. I have no vested interest in local news. So you can value my opinions however you wish. But I want to make something clear to any people that are in the business. This piece entertained me. Not in the ha ha happy happy joy joy way. It was pleasant to watch. It was an 8 minute part of my day. If I had known it was on, I would have waited through commercials to see it.

    When you ask me about local news, I remember LeRoy Powell. I remember Doug Richards. I remember the things that made me want to watch local news. Now, I’m 26 years old. If I want news, I go to the internet. If I want weather, I go to the internet. If you want me to take the time to watch local news as soon as I get home at 6 (if i’m not meeting with a client), or if you want me to watch at 10 or 11 when i’m barely able to keep my eyes open, give me a REASON. Quit promoting weathergirls, or how you’re going to cram me all the bad news in the first however many minutes. Quit telling me about investigative reporting that really doesn’t affect me, or about breaking news that happened 6 hours ago that has a reporter out in the middle of nowhere doing a live shot.

    Compell me to watch. Show me the 8 minute piece. Don’t break it up to, and tomorrow we will show you the rest of the interview.

    Thanks for sharing the link Doug. And thanks to Jim for sharing.

  2. Juanita Driggs

    Incredibly brave, consummate gentleman. Great pipes, triple threat monster talent. Most of all a self -effacing personality blessed with an uncanny intuition that kept his career upright instead of beaching on the rocks of self importance the way so many others careers have. I, we, will miss Jim far more than words can express.


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