Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

Localizing MJ

No, we watched none of the local TV coverage of the Michael Jackson story.  It poses the classic local news dilemma:  The essence of the story is across the continent, at the Staples Center in LA.  But you’ve got umpteen hours of local news time to kill.   Love him or not, everybody’s talking about MJ.

Odds are, you’ll find yourself in a bar watching folks watching the MJ rites on TV.  Or talking to somebody who Twittered that he saw MJ on tour three times in Atlanta — “go find that guy!”  Maybe you’re staking out Jermaine Dupree’s Atlanta studio.  Maybe Da Brat is out of jail and you’re trying to get her reaction.

Or, you’re just on the street, talking about “local reaction.”  Maybe we’ll watch some local coverage and see how far off-base we are.  But in the meantime, be glad you aren’t this guy: