Localizing MJ

No, we watched none of the local TV coverage of the Michael Jackson story.  It poses the classic local news dilemma:  The essence of the story is across the continent, at the Staples Center in LA.  But you’ve got umpteen hours of local news time to kill.   Love him or not, everybody’s talking about MJ.

Odds are, you’ll find yourself in a bar watching folks watching the MJ rites on TV.  Or talking to somebody who Twittered that he saw MJ on tour three times in Atlanta — “go find that guy!”  Maybe you’re staking out Jermaine Dupree’s Atlanta studio.  Maybe Da Brat is out of jail and you’re trying to get her reaction.

Or, you’re just on the street, talking about “local reaction.”  Maybe we’ll watch some local coverage and see how far off-base we are.  But in the meantime, be glad you aren’t this guy:

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7 thoughts on “Localizing MJ

  1. steve schwaid

    These videos should always remind us the following:

    1.There are real fools out there who love to yell “hi mom” on camera. Most of them are innocent, but we always have to be wary of the violent ones.

    2. That even in this time of multi-tasking in our controlrooms someone needs to keep an eye on the air and make the call to bail out. That might have been warranted in this situation.

  2. daryll

    I’m surprised we don’t see more foolish disruptions like this on live shots. The crack at five minutes of fame on You Tube for an outburst on the 6p news has got to be rolling around in some nut’s head.

    BTW, does every story have to be fronted by a reporter who’s “live on the scene”? Many times, during the live lead-in, the “scene” is as lively as a cemetery. Just give me the facts and not the hype.

    Please let Entertainment Tonight have the on-going MJ story, American Idol’s weekly castaway and ANYTHING Hollywood. I want more Mark Winne, Glenn’s/Ken’s/Laura Huckabee’s forecasts, those riveting I-Team investigations and LAF’s free-lance pieces at 5, 6 and 11. Add a really urgent sounding Frank Gari news theme and that pretty much sums up what I want in local news.

  3. live apt fire Post author

    This incident also makes a pretty good argument for having working wireless microphones, wireless IFB, and using the “off” switch on the monitor next to the camera. The reporter obviously expected this drunk to disrupt his live shot. If he’d gone wireless and walked a few feet (or a half block) away from the camera, he probably could have faked him out.

    1. steve schwaid

      Interesting enough in this digital age those off air mornitors are almost worthless for audio and even video.

      Because of digital there is actually a delay between real time and tv time of a couple of seconds. So a reporter who maybe taking his/her cue from watching the end of the package or listening to offair instead of the controlroom audio output will be standing there looking like a deer in the headlights.

  4. Prophet Ezra

    Small market station.
    Small market decision to stay with the shot.
    Small market reporter should stop and end the shot.

  5. newsmanatl

    Am I the only one who thinks the reporter ought to be arrested for simple battery?

    I don’t think you can just haul off and slap some fool for getting in your stupid live shot.

  6. Brett Martin

    I had a few close calls like this in my years doing thousands of live shots over at waga. The reporter should have kept his cool a little bit more…and maybe, with the help of the photog, moved the shot over. I was a little shocked to see Tricia Kean on the anchor desk as well. I worked with Tricia many many years ago in Macon…she had dark hair. Now she’s a blonde ? Say what ?…
    I went “blonde” for a live tv stunt one time at waga and was told to change my hair back right away. Then again, I did look like eminem (a larger older version) and it wasn’t pretty.


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