Pitchforks and torches…

Certain Speculation
By CB Hackworth
newsmanatl [at] gmail [dot] com

The “Tea Party” crowd — a vocal and apparently growing protest movement made up of radical Republicans and other unhappy Americans — was very upset with the Obama family last week.

Here’s a cell phone pic from their latest rally:


Ok, ok. I lied. That’s not a “Tea Party” rally.

Close, though.

Their high-pitched rhetoric is reminiscent of good Bavarian townsfolk getting ready to storm Castle Frankenstein with torch and pitchfork in hand.

And what was it that set them off last week?

Apparently, the mere fact that First Lady Michelle Obama had the audacity to travel to Europe with her two daughters.  How dare the President’s family use taxpayer dollars to represent the United States abroad, even though that’s part of their “job” and exactly what all their predecessors in recent memory have done.

Leading the charge up the hill last week was Martha Zoller, by all accounts a very nice, Christian lady. She is also the host of a very conservative radio talk show on Gainesville station WDUN, she appears regularly on WAGA FOX5’s “The Georgia Gang,” and she is a frequent commentator on FOX, CNN and other major national news outlets.  I enjoy keeping up with what she has to say.

On her Facebook page, Zoller diligently posts links to articles from numerous other sources, which are always informative in one way or another. One went up last Monday night and caught my eye. It was headlined, “White House Won’t Reveal How Much Michelle Obama’s European Vacation Cost Taxpayers” and comes from CNSNews.com.

Ever heard of it before?


Didn’t think so.

At any rate, the posting sparked quite a spirited debate, and I just… couldn’t… help… myself…


I confess I love the fact that Zoller flat out stated, “Laura Bush did not travel with her children.”

Yes. Yes, she did. Just log onto Google, type in “Laura Bush” and “Jenna” and “travel.” Not that anyone should let facts get in the way of a good castle burning, but in about 15 seconds, you’ll learn all about a 10-day European holiday that the then-First Lady took with her daughter Jenna that kicked off on Mother’s Day of 2002 — as I pointed out above.

There may have been other such trips. I don’t know. I quit looking after I found that one.

At any rate, Zoller never acknowledged the faux pas.

Then, just a few days later… she changed course. Her derision of Michelle Obama for taking her daughters on a madcap travel spree suddenly morphed into grave concern for the very well being of the Obama girls.


Here’s the photo Martha Zoller “doesn’t want you to see.”

The 11-year-old daughter of President Barack Obama, was photographed in Rome, Italy. The t-shirt Malia is wearing looks like one I had back in the late 1960s, when I was about her age — but apparently this specific peace symbol is used by a group called, “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.” With her dad busy at the G-8 Summit just around the corner, the photo appeared in London’s scurrilous Daily Mail, which chastized her a bit for wearing “peacenik” imagery.

“I don’t think the press should be photographing either of the Obama children,” Zoller wrote on her Facebook page. “They deserve their privacy…”

Zoller was so distraught with worry about Malia, in fact, that she posted a link to the unflattering Daily Mail article and she included a thumbnail of the “offending” photograph.

zoller1Ok, so the pic of Malia in the peace sign t-shirt it isn’t exactly as iconic as John John playing underneath JFK’s desk in the oval office — but to suggest that the youngest members of the First Family be hidden completely is just… strange.

Zoller simply doesn’t think Malia or her sister Sasha should be photographed at all.

Presumably, the “Tea Party” folks want Melia and Sasha to stay indoors, at home, in gauzy veils like Michael Jackson’s children, or — if they absolutely must leave the White House — be sure they wear their burkas and leave through the back door.

Their hatred of the First Family runs so deep, these people have convinced themselves the Obama kids should be heard about but not seen.

Attacks on the youngest members of the First Family are in bad taste, and far less artfully disguised than some may think.

The real concern for the girls — or perhaps about them — is obvious. They are nice, sweet, pretty, well mannered kids and they make their dad look good. And, well… that, we just can’t have!

Grab your pitchforks and torches!

4 thoughts on “Pitchforks and torches…

  1. juanita driggs

    Martha suffers from the same dilemma confronting most radio talk show hosts… right or left side side of the political spectrum…too much time to fill with too few worthwhile discussion points. That makes it far too easy to opt for the low hanging fruit instead of raising and debating truly relevant public issues. The problem could be solved by giving these talk show “hosts” three hours a week instead of three hours a day so they could avoid depleting their very limited intellectual capacity to hold an audience. CB, you’re a good guy but frankly you wasted more blog space on Martha’s rantings than she’s worth.

    1. newsmanatl Post author

      Thanks for your thoughts on this, and for thinking I’m a good guy. I’m trying, but it is a work in progress…

      I understand where you are coming from, and many of my friends would agree. However, I think that talk radio is influential and that for numerous reasons it is a mistake to ignore or dismiss the very large audience to which it speaks.

      People in America are polarized, and although I don’t expect all of us to sit down and sing “Kumbaya” anytime soon, I do think we ought to be willing to hear the “other side” and respect and understand even those with whom we may disagree. As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.”

      Obviously, I don’t agree with Zoller — but the flipside is that she doesn’t agree with me.

      I do strongly oppose any efforts to limit talk radio. This is a basic freedom-of-speech issue.

      Beyond that, this was really a column about the “new media” — i.e. Facebook and the like. I have no idea what Zoller said about the First Family on her radio show or on any of her many television appearances, but she is reaching another audience online.

      That’s what I really find fascinating these days — where we are going and who is getting there first.

  2. griftdrift


    Anyway. CNSNews is on the same level as WorldNetDaily. Both are funny until you realize how many people take them seriously. Then they become a little frightening.


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