Daily Archives: July 13, 2009


Certain Speculation
By CB Hackworth
newsmanatl [at] gmail [dot] com

Remember “Journeys With Brenda Wood?”

Ok, never mind.  Not important.

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine — often described as a “leading” Republican candidate for governor — has launched his own show, “Journeys With John Oxendine.”

I kid you not.  It’s on his YouTube Channel.

Good stuff?  You bet.  I think he consulted the creators of “Robot Chicken.”

It’s certainly not unusual for the parent of a newborn to whip out the ol’ camcorder to remember the moment with some first shots of the newest family member. Shooting a campaign commercial…?  It tells you all you need to really know…

I’m not aware that any of Atlanta’s broadcast media outlets have picked up on the strange things candidates are posting about themselves online. Like, say, this zinger from Secretary of State Karen Handel.

These shameless, smarmy self-promotions are starting to eat up a lot of YouTube bandwith, they’re as funny as anything on “Saturday Night Live,” and nobody in the mainstream media is paying attention.  I suspect Atlanta’s news directors don’t regard the governor’s race as a ratings grabber, but I’m telling ya — this stuff is better than the early rounds of “American Idol.”

Can hardly wait to see who gets voted off the island first!