Daily Archives: July 15, 2009

OK, it’s a state — but really, what’s the deal with Hawaii?

hawaiiIf this is true, then Lord help the AJC.

Plenty of good staffers took bailouts.  A few good staffers stayed on.  And then, if you believe Gawker, you have the reporter who stayed on, but can’t grasp why a guy born in the state of Hawaii might be eligible to be president.  Even worse, you have the (same) reporter who can’t grasp that “birthers” are disputing Barack Obama’s legitimacy because he was (supposedly) born someplace other than Hawaii.

If you read today’s AJC, you may have seen the story about the Army Major at Ft. Benning who filed a federal lawsuit claiming his deployment is unlawful because the Commander-in-Chief ain’t really that.

Gawker has the rest of the story, believe it or not (and read the comments, which are mostly hilarious).  Today’s lesson for reporters:  Be careful what you Tweet, especially if your fundamental grasp of civics is a little iffy.  And yes, there are stupid questions.