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View from inside

The blogger returns to the TV news business Monday.  Here’s a look at what LAF could become after returning to (what others have referred to as) the Dark Side.

Great success!

Great success!

Nothing stirs the blood of a journalist like a good Morning Editorial Meeting!!!  And ours are just the best.  The daybook is packed with lots of cool, newsworthy events.  The assignment editors track the police blotter and tips (why, you should hear the racket back there LOL!!!).  And our reporters walk in with amazing insights into ongoing stories or brand new stuff that nobody had ever known.  It’s so awesome!!! =:)

As a reporter, I love getting out in the community.  Atlanta is just the best!!!  Even the parts of town that are not-so-nice, the people are genuine and down-to-earth (that is, the ones that aren’t selling drugs or hurting each other LOL!!!).  Atlanta is so great.  There’s so much history here — living legends like Joe Lowery and Andy Young and Jeff Foxworthy.  And I’ve been photographed with all of them!!!  OMG!!! I love hangin’ with the celebs.  Sometimes, I can get backstage at concerts or behind-the-scenes at Braves games.  It’s just one of the perks of this job I love so much LOL !!!

The work is great.  I love being on the front lines of important events.  I love being able to bark tough questions at wrongdoers.  I love tying it all together in a TV story — 60 or 90 seconds of “the first draft of history.”  It’s such a huge responsibility!!!

And here’s what’s so amazing:  I work so hard.  The expenditure of energy is constant.  The deadline pressure is well, kind of crushing, really!!! And at the end of the day, I have to put my mug on TV!!!  Can you imagine?  Busting your hump all day, then having to look all pretty for the camera?  I don’t know how I do it!!!  LOL!!!  =:)

Well, thanks for letting me give you a little insight into my busy, hectic life.  It’s non-stop — but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!

Gotta go now — that’s my Blackberry!  The old adage:  The phone rings, a story begins!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

Have a blessed day!!!