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Same as it ever was

"Get a new coat-- gosh!"

"Get a new coat-- gosh!"

By Mrs. Live Apartment Fire

This week my spouse returns to the tube.

It’s taking some getting used to — thinking about him having to “make deadline” again.

Suddenly, all this stuff will return to my life:

* Folded up pieces of paper with the word “slug” and “timecode” clogging up the lint trap.
* My mother’s comments: “We just don’t see you two as often as we would like.  I guess seeing my son-in-law on TV is just going to have to be good enough”.
*Turn on the nagging about grooming: Shave every day. Get a haircut. Trim the ear hair.  They make those tiny hair clippers for a reason.
*People asking me about a story that they saw him do two days ago. Err… Did I watch that one? Probably not.  I don’t watch this stuff unless I have to.
* Ironing board in use. Ties and slacks making a comeback by making their move to the front of the closet.
* Snowfall losing its charm.
* Crumpled up lunch receipts from “Eats” on the kitchen counter next to discarded pocket items: Cell phone, ID badge, earpiece, notepad, wallet, change, Sharpie, and a half sleeve of Mentos.
* Random people coming up to spouse at Sam’s Club: “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere? Do you go to my church? You look familiar.”

* Christmas or Thanksgiving. You can’t have both.

* When it gets cold outside: Grandpa’s bitchin’ wool overcoat from the 60’s with Elvis Costello pin hiding under the lapel.  Porkpie hat / glasses combo to signal that he’s annoyed by whatever story he’s covering.
* Car trunk full of tapes and legal pads.
* At the dinner table–
Me: “Oh my god, and then this happened at work and she said blah blah blah.. And then I said… And can you believe him? I mean what a load of crap right? Anyway— how was your day?”
Spouse: “Triple homicide. More black-eyed peas?”

Thanks for that, Jez.  Be sure to check out the blog My Husband is Annoying, written by the wife of TV reporter-turned-blogger Mark Joyella (himself, the writer of the always-insightful Standup Kid’s Local Newser.)  Thankfully, Mrs. Joyella dreamed it up before Mrs. LAF did!  Both are in the blogroll to the right.