Navel gazing 2.0

Rep. David Scott (D-Georgia)

Rep. David Scott (D-Georgia)

Last week, WXIA broke a story about a town hall meeting held by Congressman David Scott in Douglasville.  During the meeting, Scott raised his voice when questioned by an opponent of the Democrats’ health care reform bill.  There was a somewhat fiery exchange.

The story went national.  On CNN, Scott claimed that WXIA had edited the meeting out of context.  (WXIA denies it.  An unedited 14-minute version of the exchange is here.)

Wednesday, WXIA played the CNN clip during a Jaye Watson package, wherein Watson delivered a timeline of events and coverage of the Scott story.  WXIA news director Ellen Crooke suggested a broader media / health care coverage piece for yours truly.  I jumped at the chance.  It was my second story since becoming a WXIA employee this week.

The video below begins with Watson, then segues to my piece (shot and edited by my new best friend, Mike Thomas).

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11 thoughts on “Navel gazing 2.0

      1. live apt fire Post author

        Yeah, this quote is just weird: “And Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man.” That applies here— how? (Unless you’re referring my less hirsute TV appearance…)

        But Ezra has solidly tapped into the entertainment potential of Scripture.

  1. Element

    I think you guys are giving this some good smotherage right now but I was SHOCKED when, at noon, Wednesday WXIA ran the CNN-Scott clip and Jaye NEVER MENTIONED the fact that the video was, in fact, UNedited!? That little tidbit was not missed in the later shows but I’m not sure how that gets, to the best of my knowledge, unsaid at noon? Umm, kinda a big deal lost in the context of the whole thing, especially when it completely dispelled that knucklehead’s argument.

  2. s

    what was also disturbing is that wxia never disclosed rthe source of the video. It was given to them. They didn’t get the entire video only selected segments and they never disclosed it.

    As a news organization they should have been transparent. It is the same as taking a VNR.

    1. live apt fire Post author

      Do what, now? You should watch the piece. Watson reports that WXIA got the video from Douglas Co. cable TV following an Open Records Act request. WXIA had reported that info previously.

      If you’re suggesting that WXIA asked only for tape of the last portion of the four-hour meeting, when the fireworks erupted, they may have. I don’t know. But it makes no difference. Most Open Records Act requests I’ve filed are very specific. There’s no reason to request material that isn’t relevant to the story you’re exploring.

  3. s

    you may want to go back and check the first night it aired. I don’t believe it was disclosed verbally or visually and it wasn’t disclosed on the website.

    And how do you know what video is relevant unless you look at it all.

    It’s about context.

    Maybe somethinfg happened earlier in the video that conbtributed/prompted the actions.

    1. Element

      Two thoughts here, IF what you say is true:

      1) They probably did not want to tip their hand, allowing everyone else to know that the video was easily available via a simple FOIA request. I fully understand that and frankly have no problem because it does not change anything about what happened at the meeting and nothing was altered, i.e., no edits were made. Furthermore, Jaye did, after the dust settled, make it clear that it was not their original video.

      2) BUT, ethically, it is generally common practice to let the viewer know the source of said video IF it was not gathered by the station itself. I also get that and can see your argument.

      In any case, it does not change anything about what occurred at the meeting because the video WAS NOT EDITED, contradicting what the gentlemen from that district stated. The facts remain and, I believe, WXIA gave a fair and balanced account of the events that unfolded.

  4. Rick

    The first night it aired, I think it was Duffie Dixon who did the stories, and that was the hook, that they had filed an open records request and it took a week for Douglas County to comply and make the video available, here it is, etc. They never made it seem like it was anything but a government video from the get go, so I never thought they were claiming they were still there taping it themselves, although they were there earlier before the fireworks broke out hours later.

  5. Steve Barton


    Thanks for all the info on the specifics of the health care bill in your bit at the end of the piece.

    I did like your “subject to interpretation” as an insinuated explanation for why we aren’t hearing explanations of the bill.

    — Steve Barton
    Dunwoody, Georgia


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