Daily Archives: August 21, 2009

Trouble in paradise


Update: See video below.

It’s been a rough week at WGCL, where General Manager Andy Alford abruptly resigned.  It’s worth noting that his replacement will be multi-tasking, just like many of his minions in his news department.

According to the WGCL memo announcing the switcheroo, new GM Kirk Black “will oversee our eastern hub in Atlanta, consisting of master control, traffic and business office functions for our Atlanta, Hartford, Kansas City, Nashville, Saginaw and Springfield stations. Also, he will continue his oversight of National Sales in Chicago and Los Angeles.”

As CB Hackworth writes in Certain Speculation:

“Wouldn’t it have been poetic if Alford was followed out of the building all the way to his car by photographer Jeff Thorne while Tony McNary yelled tough questions at him?

To see the entire memo, go to Hackworth’s blog.   To view a curiously odd video somebody put together about the WGCL to-do, click below.  H/T Brett Martin.

Program note: Hackworth has decided he will no longer directly post on LAF.  But we’ll be delighted to link to / steal stuff from his blog when he’s got material like this.