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Overheard in the newsroom

OK, Florida actually has two different time zones, but whatever....

OK, Florida actually has two time zones, but whatever-- I need the IT guy to change my ribbon!

News professionals who are still unsure about using Facebook — and they are surprisingly numerous — may reconsider when they learn that they can “become a fan of” an entity called “overheard in the newsroom.”

By so doing, the daily Facebook feed will provide you with a regular litany of newsroom howlers.  Here are a few samples from September:

#1718: Assignment editor to Producer: “I have to run outside for a second. If anyone asks, I quit and walked out.”

#1724: Reporter 1: “There’s cake in the break room.” Reporter 2: “Did someone leave?”

#1731: Producer on the phone: “I’m not trying to be bitchy; it’s just coming out naturally right now.”

#1766: Page designer to editor: “I can’t make a shit sandwich until you give me some shit!”

#1770: Producer: “Is it sunny outside? I’m trying to tease weather, but I can’t because I’m in a window-less hell hole.”

#1717: IT guy: “So what’s the problem?” Multimedia editor: “See this little computer here? It’s a piece of shit.”

#1778: City editor to reporter: “You know, a company picnic would cost a lot less these days. Because there’s a lot less of us.”

With each “overheard” vignette, there are typically dozens of comments.

So you don’t miss out:  1) Join Facebook and 2) search “overheard in the newsroom.”  When its page comes up, click “become a fan.”