1pm Tuesday

1pm Tuesday

Thank goodness there are so many caring people who love TV.  Without them, the denizens of newsrooms across America would surely wither and die.

4pm Tuesday

4pm Tuesday

Tuesday was an excellent example.  As newsroom staff at WXIA were beginning to collapse from starvation — deprived, as they were, of nutrition due to their extraordinary hard work and their inability to spend even a moment away from their desks — salvation came in the form of a cake.

Actually, it was two cakes.  One of them, the carrot cake, provided nutritious vegetable fiber and Vitamins A and C.  The C vitamin was an especially timely addition to the newsroom diet, as a scurvy outbreak appeared imminent.

Likewise, the chocolate-on-chocolate cake delivered vitamins A and E, and minerals like potassium, zinc and paramecium.  More importantly, cocoa has phenylethylamine, which is a natural anti-depressant.  The staff at WXIA are extraordinarily well-adjusted and lack the suicidal tendencies often found in other newsrooms.  This may be attributable to the regular appearances of chocolate cakes, cookies and candies on the table adjacent to the assignment desk.

6pm Tuesday

6pm Tuesday

Sadly, the field crews tend to have only scattershot access to these life-sustaining newsroom deliveries.  However, their exposure to regular sunlight enhances their vitamin D intake, and wards off depressive bouts of Seasonal Affective Disorder.   And their mental toughness is enhanced by regular exposure to crime scenes and slippery public information officers.

We heard that a place called the Marietta Diner provided these two nutritious confections.  Perhaps the bakers there believed they were merely providing a sweet gratuity for folks who may or may not deliver a bit of media buzz for their business.

They provided much more.

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19 thoughts on “Sustenance

  1. Kay Flowers

    I kept tons of my old files and health “props” in the big drawers underneath the “cake” counter in the old newsroom. I cannot tell you all the crumbs, frosting bits, greenish chocolate chips, petrified salsa goo, nasty science project foodstuffs I would find down in those drawers. Oh, the good old days. Just the free food part sounds good to me now!

  2. Jerry Carnes

    How about Cal Callaway’s going away cake? A black and gold cookie cake with a big GT on it, all for a die hard Bulldog fan. Oops.

  3. Lenslinger

    Terrorism be damned, we newsies will eat anything free left in the newsroom. I once watched two photogs wrestle on the floor for dibs on that last donut in a Krispy Kreme box — the origin of which was unknown and uninvestigated. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s an old ketchup packet in my desk drawer that demands my attention.

  4. Budvz

    News people will eat anything that’s free. I am legend for my affinity for all things sweet and gooey on the Assignment Desk. Even a live report in progress on some live apartment fire type event didn’t stop me from walking up behind Suchita Vadlamani one morning and grabbing the last chocolate covered Krispy Kreme from the desk while she imparted the latest details of the ongoing story. (A video of that live shot snack still circulates). I also achieved some measure of notoriety in the newsroom when I sampled a particularly crunchy loaf of bread that had been in a Good Day Atlanta cooking segment. It was only after a couple of bites that I found out the loaf had been shellacked so it would look pretty on TV. If some miscreant wants to wipe out a newsroom, all they need is a poisoned pie.

  5. LBJ

    The Clear Channel break room has had all sorts of goodies left there. All weekend. With sour cream and other milk products. And the staff still ate it. All weekend. And they wonder why the staff there couldn’t win any ratings…

  6. Steve Schwaid

    As my newsroom knows, I always ask when there’s food in the newsroom where it came from.

    It’s based on something that happened at WSOC in Charlotte back in the 80s. We had a sports guy named Harold Johnson. Viewers loved him and they would send him food, etc.

    One day he put brownies out that a viewer sent in. They were devoured, but many folks paid the price. The brownies had ex lax in them. To this day I remember how everyone after that wanted to know the source of the treats.

    When in doubt, don’t eat.

  7. ATLWxGirl

    Every Monday night at WGCL was cake night, where a pool of 20 people rotated bringing in cake. I found out about it just before my internship ended. Nevertheless, I brought in a white chocolate mousse cake from Metrotainment Bakery. It’s a good thing they moved from their 14th street location – at $3 a slice, it was hard NOT to eat cake every day of the week.

  8. Cal Callaway

    Just to clarify Jerry’s comments on my morning goodbye cookie, yes, it was a GT cookie…but since we’re friends with Tech’s baseball coach and I cheer for them as well as UGA baseball, it worked…the bigger problem was the afternoon goodbye cake AFTER lunch at the Varsity…there was no way that I could eat any cake, which was a first in my broadcasting career…

  9. live apt fire Post author

    I guess this means nobody’s gonna call me out on “paramecium.” Which I put in as a shout-out to my kids. I guess this means my kids have stopped reading this blog. Hopefully, they’re too busy finishing college…

  10. mike daly

    Paramecium? Isn’t that a song that Tom Corvin wrote? Oh wait. Never mind, his song was Ameoba. I’m getting my unicells mixed up.

  11. tvb

    I recall a particularly funny intercom announcement in the WAGA newsroom announcing the hope that whoever grabbed a “cookie” off a reporter’s desk really enjoyed the dog biscuit. Oops.

    1. Photogg

      I remember making that announcement. We had some treats for dogs that looked just like pastries to be used in the morning show and someone decided to treat him/herself to a handful of them.

  12. Newman

    Oddly enough, Moe’s Southwest Grill delivered a taco/burrito lunch to Charlotte newsrooms today…ours arrived at 8AM. They were introducing a new line of “not as big as a Volkswagon” burritos and were giving food away (to the public as well as the media).

    Nothing like the pungent odor of sterno to get the old morning meeting rolling. Fortunately…there was no “Harold Johnson Surprise”….


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