Mentally handicapped

Poor parking in Douglasville, GA 09.23.09

2pm, Douglasville GA.  9.23.09.

When it’s insufficient to merely park illegally in a handicapped spot, do it sideways.

While I was on foot covering flooding, this asshat nearly hit me.  He was racing through a parking lot toward this spot.

We will resume our regular programming shortly.

Update: Now you’ve hit the bigtime, dipwad!

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5 thoughts on “Mentally handicapped

  1. Jim

    Back in another life, when I worked for a towing company, I actually got to hook a car belonging to a jerk like that. He’d parked his brand new pickup crossways in the only handicapped spaces at an O’Charleys. I got there, and found a lady waiting to park-it was her birthday, and she needed the space (wheelchair van), so I load up.

    Just as I was about to put the last safety chain on, I hear, “what the f*&k are you doing to MY truck, He saw the wrecker from the Hooters (where else would you go when you park at O’Charleys?) and came running. Here I am, being confronted by a true redneck with a pipe he’d just grabbed off the ground. I still had a chain with a ten inch hook in my hand though, and he figure out that my chain was longer than his pipe.

    Normally, when someone would get there before I’d left, I’d let them slide on the fee…not him. eighty bucks later, he had his truck back.


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