Daily Archives: September 28, 2009

Class action

Adam Murphy probably has many loyal friends.  No doubt, they love his Restaurant Report Card stories on WGCL.  They follow his regular appearances on the pop radio station known as Q100, wherein Murphy talks (we presume) about the failings of restaurants, as well as other exposés in the “Action Adam” portfolio.

They probably love his hometown credibility; the fact that he grew up in the Atlanta suburbs and metriculated at the University of Georgia.

But of unquestionably greater importance, they undoubtedly love the fact that he’s in the running for the title of Nicest Man on Earth.

I have no idea what that would be like.  But I’m learning what it’s like to be killed with kindness.  If you learn that I’ve died unexpectedly hyperglycemic, my corpse wearing a silly embarrassed half-smile on its slightly reddened face, I would suggest a tough question or two for Mr.  Murphy.

Who's tormenting whom?  The blogger with Adam Murphy, WGCL

Who's tormenting whom? The blogger with Adam Murphy, WGCL (photo by Jonathan Goss, WGCL)

Murphy would have every reason to be unkind to me.  Close followers of this blog would know the reason.  During the time when I produced critiques of Atlanta TV stories, Murphy provided an abundance of material.   I’m not gonna say the critiques were harsh.  I will say that some of them lacked a certain amount of sugarcoating.

So, of course:  Upon my return to the news biz, it turns out Murphy was the first competitor I ran into while encircling a newsmaker with microphones during a breaking story.

Murphy was – so – damned – nice.

I also encountered Murphy at a meeting of bloggers at WGCL last spring.  Murphy stayed ’til the end.  We spoke afterward.  He was – so – damned – nice.

He was gracious.  He was generous.  He said he was familiar with the LAF critiques, yet praised the blog and the spirit behind it.  He was also familiar with some of the specifics of my work in TV news.  Murphy is one of those young adults who “grew up watching” yours truly on the TV, always a mixed blessing.  He was very flattering.

Adam Murphy’s parents raised him right, their devotion to local TV news notwithstanding.

So I come now not to bury Adam Murphy, but to praise him.  You’re a class act, kid.  I’m proud to know you.

Maybe I can learn something from you.  Like, how to properly pose for a photo.

Postscript- I hear you asking:  What’s with the “media area” sign?  It’s a creation of the Atlanta Watershed Management Department.  Spokeswoman Janet Ward says the department had it custom-made after a wayward TV photographer nearly fell into a trench at a construction site.