Clarification / Zombiefication


The women of Brenau University beseech the blogger to "get it right."

Gainesville GA, May 2009. The women of Brenau University beseech the blogger to "get it right."

While covering the Jimmy Carter museum event September 30, I somehow overlooked the on-scene presence of veteran TV photog Everett Bevelle.  Bevelle is (pretty sure) the only remaining newsman at WGCL who dates back to its founding newscast, back in the WGNX / “News at 10” days of the early 90s.

This means that I was mistaken when I wrote that WGCL was absent at the event.  Not only did I see Bevelle, but we shook hands and spoke.  Before he started at WGNX / WGCL, Bevelle and I worked together at WAGA.

So that was a major brain fart.  I regret the error, and apologize to Everett.  I’ve corrected the post and noted the error there.

WGCL news director Steve Schwaid reminded me of the encounter in an e-mail.  It’s worth noting that Schwaid made a comment in that post suggesting WGCL was able to interview the Carters that day on any subject, without the “museum only” restrictions that caused me so much hand-wringing.  At my request, Schwaid sent me the clips from WGCL’s coverage (they aren’t online).  They show the former President speaking only about the museum.

Schwaid was very helpful, and I appreciate his cooperation.

Of perhaps greater importance, below is the Zombieland commercial that I was unable to do.  I saw this movie Friday.  I’m not a fan of horror movies, but Zombieland is hilarious.  The only downside is sitting through the trailers beforehand, which are geared toward horror / fantasy movies that I avoid.

The celebrated Mr. Armstrong

The celebrated Mr. Armstrong

It’s worth noting that ex-WAGA production guy / Netherworld founder Ben Armstrong was a “zombie consultant” in this Georgia-made movie, as documented by the AJC and WXIA.   Anybody familiar with the downtown areas of Atlanta and Newnan will dig them in post-apocalyptic zombiefication.  Well done, Ben.

1 thought on “Clarification / Zombiefication

  1. steve schwaid


    Thanks for posting the updated information about the Carter assignment.

    When it comes to the great work of our staff it’s important for me to protect and defend.


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