In November 1981, six-year-old John Anthony Gillis had begun to play instruments (he later became known as Jack White of the White Stripes).  Barack Obama was midway into his undergraduate degree at Columbia.  Valerie Bertinelli was on the cover of People.  Ronald Reagan was on the cover of Time.  Michael Jackson was on the cover of Jet.

And a handsome young bloke named Jeff Jeffares was on the cover of the WAGAzine.  Jeffares left WAGA five years later.  He still lurks around Atlanta media.  He’s currently producing video podcasts for the PAGE Foundation.  He’s directing shows for Tyler Perry, troubleshooting graphics for TomorrowVision Media and shooting and directing with Broadcast Solutions.


The WAGAzine dates back to a time when corporations used reams of paper to communicate with employees, cramming their mailboxes full of must-see memos and trivialities.   Through the mid-1990s, WAGA actually had a print shop in its basement, run by the always cheery, apron-clad Herb Adams.

Jeffares e-mailed these images, which he apparently dug out of a closet a few days ago.  The second one is the more amusing of the two, photo and content-wise.

  • News anchor Jacque Maddox is photographed with actor Telly Savalas, but not named.
  • Leroy Powell, Don Smith and George Gentry actually produced a local programming special.
  • WAGA had a senior citizens day.  To depict it, Ken Cook is photographed with an Ice Follies skater.   Mr. Cook has always been a smooth performer.


Jeffares reports that Barbara Benoit left television shortly after her hiring at WAGA to pursue a career in the financial industry, and still lives in metro Atlanta.

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5 thoughts on “WAGAzine

  1. JeremyK

    Amazing to think TV stations spent the money on internal publications like this… and on a weekend switchboard operator.

  2. mike daly

    My first soccer team was at the South Dekalb YMCA. Film of our first game in 1972 is hidden somewhere in the bowels of WAGA. One of my team mates was Shawn Gentry…George’s son.

  3. daryll

    I know stations now that don’t have a weekday receptionist. Master controlroom handles those duties. Hmmm.

    Gotta love that 5 Belongs logo and its jingle package, too. This was when the glory team of Forrest, Pam, Corey and Ken took WAGA to the top of the ratings. Forrest and Pam were the dynamic duo.

    WAGA got everyone else interested in local programming. They used to regularly preempt CBS for local specials.


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