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Click here to view the “Icy Crash in Roswell” link that was previously embedded here.)

There are many reasons why I don’t run a TV newsroom.  Most have to do with an absence of talent.  Some of it is due to an aversion to the high-wire act that news directors perform career-wise, knowing that their shelf life is historically very short.

Crow: The other white meat

Last week provided a very specific reason:  I lack the foresight to treat a forecast of an inch of snow like the coming of Armageddon.  “Weather ‘event’?!” I snorted at one point during an editorial meeting, 36 hours in advance of Thursday’s night’s snow/ice.

I was skeptically certain that there’d be only a dusting of snow; that TV would overreact to it; and that audiences would watch (because threats of weird weather drive up the numbers of Households Using Television, measurable by ratings services), mostly laugh and everybody would get on with their lives within a day or so.

Shows what I know.

WXIA photog David Brooks shot the above video on Willeo Rd. in Roswell.  For the lady in the pickup truck who slid convincingly into a tree, there was an unmistakable moment of weather-related Armageddon.

Same with the folks who found themselves in the four-car pileup outside Woody’s Cheesesteaks at Virginia and Monroe.  Click here to see video previously embedded below.

The drama photog JoJo Johnson documented (below) on I-20 Thursday night was similar.  Those who made it home unscratched that night probably spent the next 24 hours watching TV coverage of the “weather event.”

Did any other Atlanta station get this kind of material?  Feel free to comment and include a link.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The bosslady stocked the Thursday night / Friday morning schedule with extra staff, and just about all of ’em had legit stories to tell.  Her competitors did the same thing.

Good call.  Two / three days later, the polar chill and persistent ice are still a pain in Atlanta’s neck, and still a story.

So I’ll stick to blogging.   And my next “yes ma’am” will be especially deferential.