LAF by the numbers

Top search: Suchita Vadlamani, WAGA

Recently this silly blog managed to grab the attention of its 400,000th set of eyeballs.  At around the same time, it recorded its 3000th comment.  That doesn’t necessarily speak to its popularity as much as it speaks to my inexplicable persistence in crunching out new material every week.

One reason for the persistence:  My stats show that most weekdays, there are between 500 and 700 clicks on this blog.   As two-bit non-commercial blogs go, it’s decent but modest data.  Every time I start to think that’s an impressive figure, there are moments like the one Friday, wherein I asked readers to start an Open Thread.  We heard crickets, yet the blog still had 567 views Friday.

Runner up: Dagmar Midcap, WGCL

I started writing LAF on February 12, 2008, a throwaway post fueled by a high octane beer.  I wrote nine posts that month.  I somehow got a total of 225 clicks the entire month.

The month to month stats show that LAF peaked last summer, at about the time I announced I was going to work at WXIA.  The blog, which started as a media critique, became tamer and more introspective.  Views dropped, but less than I expected.  To see the graphics more clearly, click on ’em.

I know this because WordPress provides a “dashboard” which allows me to manage the blog’s look, and to get a sense of its place on the internet.   For example, if NewsBlues links to one of my posts, I can see the incoming link.  It’ll tell me how many people clicked it to get to LAF.  My views always spike when NewsBlues lifts my material (except that one time, when they swiped my copy and info, but kinda forgot to link to me.  And no, I didn’t gripe to them about it.  It seemed an honest oversight.  They’ve consistently given LAF credit when due.  Plus, they’ve given me a free subscription.)

So here’s the weird and somewhat creepy part:

LAF Top Searches, Fig. 1

My dashboard also tells me what search engine terms people use to find LAF.  Because I’m mentioning WGCL’s Dagmar Midcap and WAGA’s Suchita Vadlamani in this post, my views will spike.  Apparently, there are untold numbers of lonely, hairy, Cheetoh-chomping dudes living in their parents’ basements who objectify these two News Professionals and have asked Google to notify them whenever their names appear on the internet.

Hey fellas!  How’s it going out there?

Here are snapshots I’ve made of my all-time search engine terms.  Although Midcap may have the Atlanta market’s most notoriety, objectification-wise,  Vadlamani significantly outdoes Midcap, statistically speaking, in a straight-up name-to-name comparison.  (However, many searchers add words like “legs” and “husband” and “journalism awards” [Kidding.  Sorry.] to the names, and those are counted separately.)

Top LAF Searches, Fig. 2

It’s worth noting that the only menfolk who crack the top tier are Jeff Hullinger, Jim Axel, Steve Schwaid, myself (with “blog” included) and Gregg Leakes.  Leakes is the husband of NeNe Leakes of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame.  I mentioned him exactly once on this blog.  Likewise, prior to now, I’ve mentioned Vadlamani exactly once.

It’s also worth noting what I would consider to be the dark horse third-place finisher after Vadlamani and Midcap:  Joanne Feldman, the weekend meteorologist on WAGA.

(This data is limited, however to folks I’ve actually mentioned in an LAF post.  There’s been no mention of, say, meteorologists Jennifer Valdez of WGCL or Karen Minton at WSB or Ashley McDonald at WXIA.   Until now.)

In the second tier (see right), I couldn’t be more delighted to see WXIA weekend anchor Valerie Hoff, myself, and Tom Waits listed consecutively.  And Franz Kafka makes the list.

Here are two last oddities from the dashboard:

LAF’s most views in one day — more than 1500 —  was the result of this post.  I learned that if you write something controversial about college football, the eyeballs come out of the woodwork.

This is my most-read post ever.  Some wildly popular blog in Dallas TX linked to it.  Dallas was / is the hometown of former DeKalb police chief Terrell Bolton.   Apparently, he’s still a controversial character there.

But this post is rapidly gaining, apparently thanks to internet creepos with Cheetoh-stained computer keyboards.

Thanks for visiting, guys.  Not to be rude, but you might consider getting a life.

16 thoughts on “LAF by the numbers

  1. Cap'n Ken

    Welcome to the world of site analytics. It wasn’t clear in your post if you recognize it, so it’s not that Suchita is more a more popular search than Dagmar, it’s that you rank higher as a result for Suchita than as a result for Dagmar. I’d imagine that would be because you may be one of 100 sites mentioning Suchita (especially with a correct spelling) and one of 10,000 mentioning Dagmar.

    And as far as objectifying goes, your lonely men wouldn’t know about these ladies if the stations (who know doubt researched “journalism awards” for the two) didn’t put them on the air. An objectification flow from TV to online, I suppose.

  2. chillin

    For the men to leapfrog Suchita and Dagmar on the search they need to be either shirtless or in speedos.

  3. Jim

    Please keep up the Friday free for all. I was down with a truly nasty head cold. Promise, next Friday, I’m in.

  4. manfromatlanta

    Wow, with all that name dropping this post oughtta generate TONS of views!

    Thanks (I think) for opening the door a little on the surreal world of the used-to-be-new media — and its cheetoh munching basement-dwelling adherents.

  5. Sammy

    Cum on Mr LAF, you’re just realizing that sex sells.

    You should be planning for Sweeps, and have a Dagmar interview!

  6. Jim

    Do I have to wait until Friday to ask if tonight was WSB’s night to ask the “dumb questions”?
    “You seem shaken up…?”
    Perplexed victims friend-“Dude, he was my BEST FRIEND”

    I had to go back three times and watch it.

  7. live apt fire Post author

    @ Jim. I’ll give Fridays another crack this week, just for you.
    @ Funmeister. I assume so, but I couldn’t find the answer on I don’t know if a view is counted when the e-mail is sent, or when you open it. I actually don’t know anything at all about RSS feeds.
    @ Lenslinger. Yeah, well reading is like watching my own career as viewed through a clever, twisted funhouse mirror. Get an agent.

    Btw this post got 783 views Monday, which is a bit better than average.

  8. Mr. Bear

    You’re right about the WordPress statistics page; it’s morbidly fascinating to see what search terms brought someone to your pages. There seems to be a constant dynamic between the advertisers (who seek to create something which causes the search engines to draw traffic to their pages) and the search engines (which try to bring up the correct page of interest). At one time, some advertisers tried to game the search engines with metatag terms which brought undeserved attention. One evergreen for many years was “Pamela Anderson Lee”.

    At the same time, the search engines are no better than the people that use them, and they remain a unique, although changing, reflection on our culture. Thus my recent blog comment that a search for “The American Pageant” is as likely to bring up information about women prancing on stage in swim suits as it is to bring up Thomas Bailey’s scholarly history of our great Republic, “The American Pageant”.

  9. Amanda Emily

    Well your search keywords could be worse than local talent. 75% of my blog’s traffic comes from searches for photos of ahem, a certain act between humans and animals made famous in Enumclaw, WA (should have chosen a better name for the blog…)

  10. steve schwaid

    Unrelated – but an ASK to reporters and producers in the Atlanta Market.

    I’m teaching a course this term at SCAD Tele productions 205. Basically it’s for students getting into television with a focus on writing, story telling and shooting. Doug has graciously agreed to speak to one of the classes and I’d like to invite others who want to help the next generation.

    If you’re interested drop me an email at Please put SCAD in the subject line.

    Classes are Mon and Wed 8-10:30pm…yup, PM. I would love to have you available for about an hour.

  11. sitting pugs

    I love the way you break down the blogstats (I found your blog via Decatur Metro).

    It’s certainly amusing and sometimes disconcerting the phrases people may or may not google to find your blog…even when you have no memory of writing about said phrases.

  12. Icarus

    “Thanks for visiting, guys. Not to be rude, but you might consider getting a life.”

    I had a life once. It mostly sucked.

    My life in two-bit non-commercial blog world is a lot more fun.


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