Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Friday open thread 3.12.10

Bill Liss, WXIA 11am 3.11.10

Welcome to the future of TV news, embodied by WXIA’s renaissance man, Bill Liss.  Liss has  embraced the multitasking reality of TV news in the 21st century.  Does Liss complain about having to produce stories for both TV and the web (and his daily business report each morning)?  Hell, no.  He just does it all at the same time.   Gannett has given him two phones; Liss reasons that it makes sense to be time-efficient and use them simultaneously.  Next, he’ll shoot and edit the story, upload it to the web, produce and anchor the newscast, then Windex the newsroom monitors.

He won’t break a sweat either.  The french cuffs, Louis Vuitton shades, and Brovelli necktie make this guy the best-dressed, multi-tasking news talent in the market.  Not to mention, the fastest-talking and possibly loudest guy in the market.  Who has time to softpedal his craft?  Not Bill Liss.  There’s a deadline lurking around every corner, and Liss will crush them all.

Consider this another attempt at the Friday open thread.  Do as Liss would do.  Keep up the chatter.  Make it learned and erudite, and keep the thread-count on the high side.