Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Winne Watch 3.12.10

Secret Squirrel

“Fast as he was on the field, you’re saying he wasn’t on the run?” – WSB’s Mark Winne, speaking to an attorney about a former Georgia Tech football player accused of making terroristic threats.

Winne stood in light rain in front of the Cobb County jail for the opening of his live shot Friday.  He tossed to a 1:45 or so package.  When he returned for the tag, he was standing in a downpour.

This revealed a classic reporter-in-rainfall dilemma:  How do you simultaneously hold an umbrella, a hand mic, and a notebook with the mere two hands God has given you?  And flip the pages of the notebook?

And how do you do it without appearing to give the audience the finger?

As they like to say at WSB:  We’re number one!   Manual dexterity points: √ digit (out of five possible.)