Reporter’s revenge

If this guy’s got the stones to hang out in a convention center and ask these questions to passersby, then who am I to forsake the Friday Open Thread due to mere lack of participation?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

BTW, his name is Pat Tomasulo.  He works at WGN.  I swiped this from Lenslinger, who writes, in part:

  • …this mild-mannered reporter is serving as an avenging angel of sorts for frustrated news crews the world over. See, no matter what populated spot you set your camera up in, somebody’s gonna stomp into your shot and act a fool… (Remember, they don’t call them ‘asshole magnets’ just ’cause it sounds cool.) Now, St. Pat is collecting payback.

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6 thoughts on “Reporter’s revenge

  1. Seth

    Hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

    If this guy can stop random folks and ask them tough questions, maybe he’ll get promoted to a position where he can interview others where people won’t be walking into the shot.

  2. dave cohen Post author

    I’ve lived in Atlanta for 16 years and night after night, at 6 and 11, I’m amazed at how 4 news stations consistently have 4 different lead stories.

    The absence of a clear consensus seems to indicate that each station’s self interest — perceived “exclusivity” — trumps genuine news that affects the largest segment of the population.

    In the case of perennial ratings leader WSB-TV, my perception is that “minority-on-minority” crime seems to lead their 11PM newscast more frequently than any other story. More often too than Channels
    5, 11 or 46 at 11PM.

    Wondering if the news community shares any of these views?

  3. arky

    Very creative bit, but I’m surprised they only blurred two faces. Some of the others were really borderline. Especially calling the one guy a “sex offender”… that’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  4. Jim

    Oh My God that was funny!

    Dave-I’m not sure how much of it is a desire for “exclusivity” and how much is just due to the fact that each of the three has a very different outlook.

    2-more traditional hard news, with some investigative journalism mixed in. Either that, or it’s just a vehicle to showcase Monica’s latest fashion statement and hairstyle-I’m never sure which.

    5-focuses more on investigative journalism, or at least pushes that harder. Of course, when you’ve got the whole staff focusing on one investigation, you’re going to miss a murder or two.

    11-is working on being the consumer advocate station. Personally, I think they’re getting a kickback from the As Seen On TV store:-)

    46-is working on becoming an in-your-face assertive station. Given that they’re no longer in the cellar, at least in some demo’s, it’s apparently more important to ask tough questions than it is to actually get answers.

    I get most annoyed when I see the same story on two different station, and both have widely differing information. Doesn’t anybody fact-check or verify any of this stuff?

  5. Steve Barton

    Very funny and thanks for sharing. But I did not know the simple behavior of waving bugged you guys that much….hmmm, I’m thinking of the fans on their cell phones repeatedly waving in the centerfield shots of Braves games. I certainly don’t like those.


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