Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

‘I look good without a shirt’

“Well, this is just great.  You go to Suwanee.  You’re producing a TV story on the unveiling of an $80,000 piece of public art.  You know that elsewhere, cities and counties are laying off schoolteachers and cutting government services.  You go looking for somebody who might question the wisdom of such a government purchase in these economic times.

“And this guy is the best you can come up with?”

Not that there’s anything wrong with this guy, a roofer named Dwayne Boss. He was sunbathing in a camping chair on the vast green space outside of Suwanee’s City Hall.

Mr. Boss was bright.  He was articulate.  He wasn’t mouth-foaming outraged.  He just questioned the timing, in these economic times and all.

Most importantly, Mr. Boss was agreeable.  When approached by a TV reporter who’d exhausted his other possibilities, he allowed a lav mic to be clipped to his wooden-necklace-thingie, and shared his thoughts about public art.  As the mouthpiece for those skeptical, Mr. Boss became a shining knight, in a manner of speaking.

But he wasn’t exactly dressed for TV.

With that, here’s another attempt at the Friday Open Thread. In these economic times, threads are important.  Make yours count.  And if you use them for abdominal coverage, all the better.

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