Come to bunny

During a portion of President Reagan’s second term, I worked Sundays.  On more than one occasion, I got assigned to report on the Easter sunrise service at the top of Stone Mountain.

I typically rolled out of bed and drove straight to Stone Mountain, where I would meet a photog whose lack of seniority mirrored my own.

One year, I showed up and the photog didn’t.  I got on the last tram to the summit and watched the service.  The photog never showed up.

Later, he reported his vehicle had broken down en route to Stone Mountain Park.  I heard this at about 9am, after returning to the station empty-handed, four hours deep into my Sunday shift.

The photog exchanged his truck, and we embarked on another assignment:  A church fire in Carrollton.  We drove the sixty or so miles to our destination.  When we arrived in the church parking lot, the photog looked in the back of his truck and exclaimed:  “Well, goddamn.  No deck.”  He’d forgotten the separate 3/4″ tape deck that recorded video for his camera.

We went back to Atlanta empty-handed.  By noon, he and I had been assigned to cover a third story.  Can’t remember what it was.

It was a hell of an Easter, and my travails that day very nearly permanently scarred my attitude toward the holiest day in Christendom.

While you ponder your contributions to today’s Friday Open Thread, consider perusing this site. Its title is “the 65 sketchiest Easter bunnies,” from which the two photos herein are sampled.

This video by Aphex Twin, which features an evil TV set,  would provide a suitable soundtrack for your views of the 65 Sketchiest Easter Bunnies.

Afterward, come sit in LAF’s lap and whisper something in the comments section.   You have nothing to fear.

H/T to Kim M. and Mrs. LAF

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10 thoughts on “Come to bunny

  1. Jim

    THANK YOU for posting that first one. That has to be the most evil bunny costume I’ve ever seen.

    On the bunny topic, I’ll sure be glad when Easter is over, and 46 puts the spastic bunny weather graphic back in its closet. That thing is creepy.

    On another subject, time to pick on the AJC. I had yet another unsolicited piece of junk in my driveway this morning. I’ve called twice, and they still keep throwing it. AJC, don’t throw these where they’re not wanted, and advertisers please ask yourself how many people you’re leaving ticked off at you by supporting this waste.

    On a positive note, I did like Harrys’ story about the stuck traffic light, except for the one woman with about a half dozen unrestrained kids bouncing around in the back seat-PLEASE Harry, tell me she was parked!

  2. Mr. Bear

    It is helpful to remember that there is a sub-set of people out there who actually enjoy dressing up in these costumes. They attended gatherings at Class 3 motels in smaller towns and engage in, ahem, relationships with other animal characters that would not normally occur in nature. If you are not aware of this sort of thing, use the search term “furries” and you’ll promptly be up to speed.

  3. Jim

    Mr. Bear: I probably could have gone the rest of my life without knowing this-thank you.

    A friend of mine just said I should Google Gerbil Felching, so I’ve got to go do that now-maybe whatever it is, it will take my mind off “furries”.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Mr. Bear


      Warped as I am, I can only remember neighbors talking about taking a vacation with their kids at a major hotel chain location in a smaller Alabama town. Coincident with their few days away was a convention of furries.

      First, their kids were perplexed since these cute animals had no interest in them at all. Second, the animals seemed to be doing a lot of drinking and talking. Third, there were signs posted all over the hotel, telling the convention participants to mind their manners, lest we have “…another episode like the one in ******.”

      I suppose that any convention of this type has the potential of being odd. Consider Dragon Con.

  4. LBJ

    I used to work for local radio station and dressed up for a few years as Uncle Sam on April 15. We did remotes from post offices open until midnight for those last minute tax filers. I smiled, waved and occasionally pointed at them and said, “Uncle Sam wants YOU…to file on time”. At the Pharr Road remote I saw a well dressed but stressed out businessman get out of his BMW to deposit his return in the big USPS cart we were standing next to. I said my line and he snarled back, “Kiss my ass, Uncle Sam!” I offered him a free stamp.

  5. Jolly Roger

    @Jim, one night at Midtown Bowl, right near the WXIA/WATL compound… some furries were spotted bowling against klingons.

    And if you think that’s weird, you don’t want to know what “yiffing” is.

  6. Manny

    It’s funny that the subject of furries has come up now. Furry Weekend Atlanta was held just last week at the downtown Hilton. There were quite a few milling around the Peachtree Center Mall at the time.


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