Daily Archives: April 7, 2010

Late late late show

Item:  WAGA recently started a new 4:30am newscast, around the same time the station laid off production workers.  The new newscast is a great idea.  Here’s why.

10.  Ten and a half hours of local news each weekday is insufficient, obviously.

9.  At eleven hours of local news per day, you’re only one hour away from programming half the day out of the newsroom.

8.  Your downsized production staff and robotic cameras have proven they can flawlessly handle another half-hour effortlessly.

7.  More newscasts give anchors more opportunities to sharpen their teleprompter operating skills.

6.  Legions of meth addicts in North Georgia need to know the five-day forecast before they go to bed.

5.  The newsroom’s overnight staff is obviously underworked.

4.  More newscasts give your sales staff opportunities to offer volume discounts to advertisers.

3.  It ties nicely into your new promotional tag line:  Volume, Volume, VOLUME!

2.   It’s a baby step into the coveted 4 am slot.

1.  A 4 am newscast foreshadows your new 4 pm newscast, set to debut in fall of 2011.