Mark Bullock, WSFA

Noteworthy, overlooked and undervalued observations from the 2010 Southeast Regional Emmy nominations, announced Friday:

Stephanie Maxwell, WAPT

The region’s “best” news anchor may work in Montgomery, Albany GA, Jackson Miss. or Asheville.   Mark Bullock, the Montgomery anchor (and UGA grad) who won an Emmy last year for “On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News,” is nominated again this year.  Ben Roberts of WALB, Larry Blunt of WLOS and Stephanie Maxwell of WAPT are also nominated.  Brenda Wood of WXIA is the only Atlanta anchor nominated in this category.

By the numbers: WXIA got the most news nominations, edging WSB.  WLOS of Asheville got more nominations than WGCL.   Here’s the LAF count, strictly unofficial (and, undoubtedly flawed since I ran out of fingers and toes):

  • WXIA,  24 nominations
  • WSB, 21
  • WAGA, 12
  • WLOS, 9
  • WGCL, 8
  • WYFF, 6

WGCL even somehow got excluded from the “station excellence” category.  That category included WXIA, WSB and WAGA, plus WYFF in Greenville.

Wendy Saltzman, WGCL

Investigative reporting rules. Wendy Saltzman’s name appears in five of WGCL’s eight nominations.  Dale Russell got nominated for his outstanding coverage of the fall of Glenn Richardson on WAGA.  Shawn Hoder and Ross McLaughlin got an investigative reporting nod at WXIA.

Jaye Watson, WXIA

“Interactivity” is a relatively new category.  WXIA got the only Atlanta news nomination.  Via the web, the station connected a soldier serving in Iraq with the high school graduation of his triplets.  Fox Sports South got the only other nomination in this category for an SEC football show.

Michelle Marsh, WGCL

“News Excellence” is a vague category which appears geared for head-to-head competition among news directors.  There are only two nominees:  WXIA news director Ellen Crooke, and WYFF news director Justin Antoniotti.

Jeff Dore, WSB

The General Assignment Reporter category is packed with worthy nominees:  Jaye Watson and Duffie Dixon of WXIA; Jeff Dore of WSB; and Michelle Marsh of WGCL.  Marsh is a nights-and-weekends 2009 newcomer to Atlanta.   The others are solid veterans.  It’s too bad they can’t all win this category.

Duffie Dixon, WXIA

No photographers were necessary, apparently, for WAGA’s “breaking news” nomination.  The station’s nod for flood coverage gives sole credit to two anchors and an executive producer.

Andrew Young, the former mayor / UN Ambassador turned TV documentarian, got more nominations than WSB anchor / diva Monica Pearson.  Jovita Moore, Pearson’s WSB heir-apparent, also got more nominations than Pearson.

The bloviating blogger who chews through untold bandwidth MBps bashing dimwitted “breaking news” gets a nomination at WXIA — in “spot news.”  Figures.

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7 thoughts on “FrenEmmys

  1. JasonC

    Who are the nominees for Photographer & Editor? (Really the only categories that matter.)

    Congrats to Mark Bullock! We were in the same class coming out of UGA. To my (limited) knowledge, Mark, Amy Robach and the best photo in Atlanta are the only 3 left working in news. Lori Webster, a telecom major, not broadcast news, is doing consulting, but I think there are only three working for stations/networks.
    Looking back, if you asked me who had the skills and drive to succeed, Bullock and Robach would have been at the top of the list.

  2. live apt fire Post author

    WXIA’s Jon Samuels is the only Atlanta photog in the “news photographer” category. WXIA’s Dan Reilly and WAGA’s Michael Jankolovitz are n0minated for editor, plus Enrico Meyer of WIS Columbia SC.

  3. AdamM

    Any one else notice the emergence of the “single name” entrant on a small handfull of nominations? Will this become a trend as more stations add MMJs, OMBs & hybrids.

    WXIA’s Julie Wolfe got one. WBMA’s Jeremy Campbell got two.

    Will there ever be an “Outstanding Achievement in Backpack Journalism” category?

  4. Element

    I’m glad to see what’s left of the craft-masters at XIA are still getting it done despite it all. A lot of awards of late prove that storytelling still matters. I’ll really be pulling for Jon & Julie. Hands down, two of the best in town and I wish them well!

  5. emmy liu

    emmys, shmemmies – it’s nothing but a room of folks looking for compliments and self agrandizing.

    viewers decide.

    1. Mr. Bear

      That may be true, but when you work hard, you’re entitled to a self-congratulating evening dressed up like a penguin. Or, ladies, dressed up in something that cost a small fortune with uncomfortable but cute shoes. Every business has these things, and ritual is important. Besides, given enough alcohol, the event should yield a supply of anecdotes to carry you forward until next year’s event. Party on.


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