Winne watch 5.13.10

Mark Winne, WSB

“…Before one of three robbers posing as police gunned down Donnie Glass, one of them stole his big platinum ring with diamonds.  And now (the detective) hopes a description of the fake cops rings true with someone who calls in a tip.”

WSB’s Mark Winne, in a piece about the unsolved murder of a man killed by men posing as cops.

During his live intro, Winne sprinted through a door, then crouched behind it where the victim took the fatal shot.  Drama points:  √√√√√ (out of five possible).

Secret Squirrel

It appears a cluster of irony (and God knows what else) -fueled middle-aged women has created a Facebook page called Mark Winne Is a Badass Crime Reporter.

The creator is blogger Grayson Daughters, who spends much of her time online clobbering mainstream media.  The “irony” clue is that the group lists a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

At this writing, there are five members.

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10 thoughts on “Winne watch 5.13.10

  1. spaceyg

    My BFFs and I do not appreciate being called “middle-aged.” Thus we’ll come to the fight with Botox, emery boards and stilettos. And it WILL be pretty, dammit.

    1. live apt fire Post author

      Upon further review, I’ve upgraded the drama points to a five. When I looked at this piece this morning, I somehow overlooked Winne’s sprint through the door. I realized I’d failed to add a link, causing me to view it again. So, now there’s a link. The live intro is worth watching.

  2. Jim

    On an unrelated note, how many times did Wendy Saltzman use the phrase “some say” before identifying the Arizona law as racist?

    Put somebody on camera to back it up if you’re going to say it that many times!

    Seriously, does she have a clue what state she’s in, and what her market believes?

  3. Element

    That was so over-the-top. How can you not love that? It’s a style, it’s a brand, it is Mark Winnie.

  4. troop

    @jim…some people do say the arizona law is racist, however, the majority of america say it’s not…go figure….

  5. Mike Daly

    Not sure I’d call the hop a sprint, but I love the phrase when he was talking about being behind the door and he says, “Wedges himself agin it.”


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