Daily Archives: June 29, 2010

Icing on the cake

“Hey — it’s hump day!”

As a part-time reporter at WXIA, I would occasionally utter this out loud among my full-time colleagues.   I would do it on Tuesdays, just to annoy people.  It worked.   My part-time work week went from Monday to Wednesday typically.

But during much of that time, the BL and I had been having periodic chats about upgrading my employment status to full-time.  She finally roped me in this month.  She did it, in spite of output like this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

When I left the news biz in 2007, I did it because I thought I no longer liked it.  Turns out, I’d only gotten it half right.  I liked the news business a lot.  I just needed a change of scenery.

WXIA has its problems.  Staff buyouts and such have strained the newsroom’s ability to do some basic things efficiently.  Technologically, it’s got issues, to put it mildly.  Some of those issues will get addressed this summer when its ten year old Avid editing system is replaced.

Jennifer "Jaye" Watson and Ellen Crooke, WXIA

I’ve preached a bit on this site about what I consider to be some of the mind-numbing shortcomings of local TV news.  WXIA’s philosophy happens to address a lot of that.  In my experience, management treats its staff like adults.  They trust the experience of their veteran people, and they appear to respect the talents of individuals in the newsroom.  It’s civilized.  It’s humane.  It’s spirited.  Compared to much of my previous experience, it’s very refreshing.

As a part-time guy, I was unable to devote myself sufficiently to my video production business, nor to the news profession.  It was logical to choose one or the other.  I chose news.

Now hump day comes a day later.  I consider myself fortunate.