Charge dismissed

George Franco, WAGA

It took a week or three, but WAGA has released a portion of the video showing the encounter that got reporter George Franco arrested in Pensacola June 7.  In so doing, WAGA reports that the misdemeanor battery charge against Franco was dismissed.

From WAGA’s web site“Franco was working on a story about the use of heavy machinery to clean up oil on the beaches. BP planned to offer a demonstration and a county official invited FOX 5 to come along. On the way to the story, our FOX 5 crew spotted workers in a public parking lot, where they stopped to videotape their efforts.

Franco says a BP contractor managing part of the clean up ordered him to leave the parking lot. Franco refused, and he says that’s when things got tense.”

BP contractor Joshua James Mitchell told Escambia County sheriff’s deputies that Franco “grabbed his arm and spun him around.”  The video released by WAGA shows Franco touching Mitchell’s elbow, and Mitchell spinning angrily (and voluntarily) to confront Franco.  Photographer Chris Rosenthal rolled on the encounter.

WAGA’s web site says a prosecutor dismissed the charge because “there was minimal contact with the victim and there were no injuries.”

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2 thoughts on “Charge dismissed

  1. GoodScout

    Why isn’t there more outrage from the media about the hundreds of incidents like this where BP’s hired goons are running the press out of public areas in an attempt to cover up the environmental damage their spill has caused. Has the media totally lost their testicles?

    1. Stinky

      Not just the media…where are the environmental groups willing to stand up and bring focus on the BP disaster and the “control” imposed by their hired goons.

      Is everybody being paid off ?


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