Pink lady

The desktop

Karyn Greer, WXIA

Welcome to the most glam-rock piece of real estate in the WXIA newsroom, and perhaps in all of TV news.  The desk of Karyn Greer, morning anchor, is a ten square foot workspace that transforms the mundane fixtures of the cubicle desktop into stuff  inexplicably yet cheerily pink and shiny.

Greer possesses the only pink computer keyboard I’ve ever seen.  On it, she can feel pretty while typing the grim details of newsworthy scandal and societal wreckage.

There’s are also a tape dispenser and stapler, each covered in a pinkish rhinestone coat.  Stuff adheres better when sealed stylishly.

The same pink-rhinestone combo covers Greer’s computer mouse.  The coarse exterior likely roughens her right hand a bit, giving her street cred while exchanging hearty handshakes with the roughnecks she encounters during field trips to the studio.

Karyn Greer with the Bosslady.

It’s worth noting that her Rolodex, mousepad and post-its are pink.

When she totes beverages to her desk, she does so in pink travel cups.  When she speaks into a cell phone, it’s covered in a pinkish shell.

The Greer paradox is this:  Though her accessories, couture and anchorwoman job seem to be high profile, she was aghast — aghast! — when I pitched an LAF photo essay about her desk.  “Absolutely not!” she answered, repeatedly, to my gentle queries.  She didn’t want the attention, she explained.

Then one day I caught her in the throes of conversation with the Bosslady.  I stepped in, pitched it again.  Greer objected again.  The BL, who recognizes a colorful story when she sees it, overruled her.

Another victory for translucence.

Karyn Greer isn’t the first Pink Lady.  That would be Helen Gahagan Douglas, a 1940s era California politician, who will get her due in LAF shortly.

Undoubtedly, there are office supply catalogues that cater to the fanciful tendencies of Karyn Greer and her cublicle-dwelling ilk.  Since noticing this shiny stuff on Greer’s desk, I’ve occasionally noticed a sequined stapler elsewhere.

But never in such abundance, collected with such flair — by somebody so shy.

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5 thoughts on “Pink lady

  1. Jim

    You’re right about genuinely nice. I’ve never met Karyn, and have spoken to her exactly once, but it left an impression. Several years ago, I was new around here, and was ND at a little bitty radio station north o’ town.

    There was a murder/suicide up here late one evening that got quite a bit of attention, and the station Karyn worked for sent a truck.

    Given that we were daytime only, I could do nothing until the AM, but still had to go cover it. The police chief left right before the truck arrived, and things started to fall apart for the crew that had just gotten there. I called the chief, and he came back so they could get an interview. In the end, they had enough to do the story live on the 11.

    I went back to the office, and was sitting there doing some late night editing when my phone rang. It was Karyn. She had gotten my cell number from the crew on the truck, and took the time to call me after the show, just to say thanks for the help. We talked for a bit, and, as you say, she proved to be a genuinely nice person.

  2. Nathan

    And of course don’t forget the forgettable ‘7os variety show Pink Lady and Jeff. I guess Hullinger could fiill the Jeff role.

  3. Funkmeister

    While freelancing as a tech manager at FOX News in NYC, I was amused to see the rhinestones covering the headband of Hannity’s producers’ headsets.


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