Daily Archives: February 5, 2011

No sale

Suspicious Package had a hiccup two weekends ago when I produced a piece that was long on earnest effort, but woefully short on humor. It was a solid concept, poorly executed:  Give used-car salesman treatment to a TV live truck.

Though some of my coworkers have tried to console me by suggesting the piece was still interesting, it looks completely flatfooted. I post it below, and welcome your abuse.

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NO Parking, posted with vodpod

Errin Haines, AP (L)

Errin Haines, AP

The good news: I recovered a bit with another piece (obviously shot the same day by John Samuel, a guy whose talent was badly underutilized on this shoot). This piece explores a theme that I expect to tap frequently: The love / hate relationship between the news media, and pretty much everybody else, including our viewers / readers / listeners.

As we shot the piece, the adorable Errin Haines stopped to chat. Slurping a big-gulp of tea, the Atlanta AP reporter begin to riff on the exact topic I was exploring in this particular Suspicious Package segment.  I obviously need to find an infusion of charm in these pieces.  Perhaps I can recruit Errin as a regular sidekick.

If only she’d shown up for the live truck segment.  She might have redeemed it too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.