Brain freeze

Perhaps you’ve noticed an absence of activity on this site of late.

I need a vacation.  As I’m immersed in the minutiae of newsgathering , I’m less amused by the foibles I’d normally use as fodder for this site.  The recent “dumb luck” post was a good example of what’s not particularly interesting about my job.  I published that simply because I felt compelled to post something.  Apologies to all.  This post isn’t much better.

The Reviving Church of God, Thomaston GA

This is not to say that the job has been uninteresting.  I produced several pieces I really liked.  Most of them required trips of eighty or more miles out of Atlanta.

A Memorial Day story about a segregated “white / colored” war memorial at the Upson County courthouse was an adventure.  Photog Bruce Mason and I flew by the proverbial seat of our pants to Thomaston one day.  I only knew that the monument existed, and that there was an American Legion post named after the first name on the “colored” World War I monument.  We careened all over town looking for folks to talk to.  Our best decision was to lurch to a stop at a shotgun house / church that caught my eye.  The pastor emerged from across the street and excitedly provided us more guidance than we deserved.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I shot and edited another piece my ownself about a pro baseball player who’s a fringe prospect for the Seattle Mariners.  I’ve known his parents for twenty years.  Whenever I’ve talked to them about his chances of making it to the big leagues, the conversation always started with a snort of skepticism on their part.  When his team visited Chattanooga, I met his mother at Lookouts stadium, got a credential and brought a camera (and a buddy, the one and only Brad Johnson, who helped me schlep gear).  The story was not easy to write, because it lacked many of the usual heroic qualities expected in sports stories.  But its focus on the player’s “plan B” made it unusual.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even the Suspicious Package segments began to go by the wayside a bit.  There were a couple of weeks in May where I was unable / unwilling to produce one.  I recouped last week.  The one I wrote with producer David Ries was a hit internally, since Ries is such a deadpan, likeable, professional producer guy.  Fortunately it didn’t take much to sweet-talk him into joining me on camera.  He gave me none of the hand-wringing you often get from behind-the-scenes TV folk when pitching such stuff.

I hope to rebound this Sunday with a piece using the mechanical gorilla at the Two Minute Car Wash on Piedmont as a prop.  So, stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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3 thoughts on “Brain freeze

  1. arky

    As long as we’re nit-picking, I have to point out that there’s no such thing as a “homo sapien” anything. The correct name for the species is homo sapiens, always with an “s” on the end.

  2. Ford's Poppa

    The Lookouts went to blue jerseys when they became part of the Dodgers organization. If Upson County re-did the monuments, one other thing besides segregation would be addressed. Lucious Worthy’s name would be spelled correctly on the monument erected to honor the sacrifice he and other citizens of the county made in the first world war. The American Legion Hall is in honor of Lucious Worthy, whereas the monument identifies him as Lucius Worthy. Or is the Legion Hall in error?


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