Daily Archives: August 2, 2011

Act naturally

If he grew a big beard and darkened his hair, Buck might pass for Brad.

“How’s the audio?”

I asked this  of my friend holding an Iphone on the beach at Tybee.  Brad had activated the phone’s HD video function, after I’d badgered him into shooting a “suspicious package” segment near the island’s south jetty.

“Beats me.  I can’t hear it,” came the answer.  “But I’ve got a picture.”  Brad is an IT guy, not a news photographer.  There was a sea breeze on the beach.  We took our chances, audio-wise.  We paid.  Well, no.  The viewer paid.

I’m still not sure why I wrote and performed (and asked Brad to shoot) a segment while on vacation.   It probably has to do with the fact that I’m such a fan of David Ries, the producer of WXIA’s Sunday 9am newscast.  He seems to value the segment somewhat.  I have trouble saying “no” to him, when he asks if he’s getting a Suspicious Package.

But I don’t know whether he valued this piece, which is here for you to heckle.  I’m not even sure it actually aired.  I was on vacation.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

July was a good month.  I spent a majority of it on vacation.  I even got paid to run the Peachtree July 4.  Among the month’s highlights:

  • Jez, Clint, Tally, Brad, Everett, Nathan, Sara, Laura, Isabel, Tiger, Tara, Nancy, Mohi, Judy, Finn, Chris;
  • Looking at the stars at Mom’s high desert RV park in Aguanga, CA;
  • Finally watching my sister, a career public defender, handle a whole calendar of cases in front of a judge in LA;
  • Introducing Clint to passengers on the ATL to LA plane, and handing out ear plugs (which they didn’t need, it turned out);
  • Hearing the wife’s stories from Comic Con;
  • The 1am power outage at Benny’s, a Tybee bar which claims to serve “the coldest beer in America”;
  • Watching Kathleen’s karaoke performance of “I Touch Myself” at Benny’s; watching Brad perform Buck Owens’ “Act Naturally,” and my attempt at  “Jackson” with “Sumpbroke Sally,” former country radio host.
  • Reading the LA Times, which is still a quality newspaper;
  • Hearing, secondhand, that there were lots of meetings this month at work.  Regrettably, I missed nearly all of them.

So now, I’m supposed to approach my job with renewed vigor.  Here goes.