Act naturally

If he grew a big beard and darkened his hair, Buck might pass for Brad.

“How’s the audio?”

I asked this  of my friend holding an Iphone on the beach at Tybee.  Brad had activated the phone’s HD video function, after I’d badgered him into shooting a “suspicious package” segment near the island’s south jetty.

“Beats me.  I can’t hear it,” came the answer.  “But I’ve got a picture.”  Brad is an IT guy, not a news photographer.  There was a sea breeze on the beach.  We took our chances, audio-wise.  We paid.  Well, no.  The viewer paid.

I’m still not sure why I wrote and performed (and asked Brad to shoot) a segment while on vacation.   It probably has to do with the fact that I’m such a fan of David Ries, the producer of WXIA’s Sunday 9am newscast.  He seems to value the segment somewhat.  I have trouble saying “no” to him, when he asks if he’s getting a Suspicious Package.

But I don’t know whether he valued this piece, which is here for you to heckle.  I’m not even sure it actually aired.  I was on vacation.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

July was a good month.  I spent a majority of it on vacation.  I even got paid to run the Peachtree July 4.  Among the month’s highlights:

  • Jez, Clint, Tally, Brad, Everett, Nathan, Sara, Laura, Isabel, Tiger, Tara, Nancy, Mohi, Judy, Finn, Chris;
  • Looking at the stars at Mom’s high desert RV park in Aguanga, CA;
  • Finally watching my sister, a career public defender, handle a whole calendar of cases in front of a judge in LA;
  • Introducing Clint to passengers on the ATL to LA plane, and handing out ear plugs (which they didn’t need, it turned out);
  • Hearing the wife’s stories from Comic Con;
  • The 1am power outage at Benny’s, a Tybee bar which claims to serve “the coldest beer in America”;
  • Watching Kathleen’s karaoke performance of “I Touch Myself” at Benny’s; watching Brad perform Buck Owens’ “Act Naturally,” and my attempt at  “Jackson” with “Sumpbroke Sally,” former country radio host.
  • Reading the LA Times, which is still a quality newspaper;
  • Hearing, secondhand, that there were lots of meetings this month at work.  Regrettably, I missed nearly all of them.

So now, I’m supposed to approach my job with renewed vigor.  Here goes.

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4 thoughts on “Act naturally

  1. Bart

    Hey Doug,

    Monica & Karen get paid vacations to Hawaii and you get blowed away by the wind filming at Tybee.

    What a trooper!

  2. Mrs. LAF

    You should note that your wife was attending Comic Con for work and not abandoning her family to nerd out. Any nerding out was by accident during a long work day.

  3. Mike Daly

    1. Jellyfish Squish
    2. Sand sharks will only take a finger or toe.
    3. Umbrella Corkscrews don’t work.
    4. That was the Yokohama, not the Yokohara on the horizon. (Looked like the Yokohara because the anchor was covering the ‘m.’
    5. Highway 80 begins at Benny’s and ends in San Diego.
    6. You know what they say about lacerations.
    7. New App – The Windscreen
    8. I’m not sure why I’m numbering this list of Tybee isms.
    9. That be all.


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