Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

Mr. Popular

To:  Dough Richards

Even Mr. Winne is chortling at this "best of" thing.

From:  LAF

Re:  “Best of,” my ass.

Some of us have noticed that you’re named as Creative Loafing’s 2011 readers choice “Best Local TV, Magazine or Newspaper Reporter.”  This automatically raises some questions about you, and I doubt you’re prepared to answer them.

Why you?  You’re a TV reporter who writes a blog.  Readers of blogs may be more inclined to vote in the Loaf’s annual “best of” sweepstakes.  Yet readers of your blog know you aren’t the “best” at anything except, possibly, navel-gazing in public.  Have you actually seen what you look like, staring at your own navel while tapping on a keyboard?  It’s not very attractive.  And your navel has not improved with age, big guy.

“Best?”  Really?  Really?  Without even using my brain, I can name a dozen reporters in Atlanta with better sources, who break more news, and/or who can write circles around your ass.  Not to mention, they can actually get newsmakers to return their phone calls.  Have you noticed that it takes people a day-and-a-half to return your phone calls?  I have.  Is it because they take you seriously as the “best” of any-damn-thing?  I think you just answered your own question.

Your voters.  You can deny it all you want — and you went to great lengths to do it last year, when you “won” the same “award” — but it’s quite obvious you engineered a campaign to gin up votes in this contest.  Oh, I hear you denying it again.  But it’s not passing the stink test, amigo.  Are you that insecure?  You think Mark Winne needs some teetering-on-bankruptcy weekly hipster mag to validate his professional status?  These girls made no bones about their desire to be CL’s Miss Popularity in the “best blog” category.  You should mimic their approach to honesty.

Your humility.  Please spare us the fractured effort to be all “oh, I’m not worthy” and just go ahead and thank the people that actually took the time to click the link and scroll through the thing to find the category and actually type in your name.  Nobody outside of CL knows the vote tally, but it stands to reason that tens of people actually did just that, and somehow remembered to add your name by the time they got there.  If that many.  So enough, already, with the hand wringing.  Just say thanks.