Soyanara, Monica

Mrs. LAF pretends to read the Monica Pearson insert in Wednesday’s AJC.

A worthy rival

departs with enough fanfare

to gag a maggot.

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5 thoughts on “Soyanara, Monica

  1. live apt fire Post author

    This is a classic example of the inability of a person trained in journalism to be able to reliably use basic math. My original first line said “Worthy competitor.” It took me twelve hours to realize that that line had six syllables, and not five as prescribed in the 5-7-5 formula for haiku. So, this haiku business is more challenging than you’d think. Write your Monica haiku, and post it here! I won’t be a stickler for the math.

  2. The Snark

    Two for your consideration:

    Cox stock is dropping
    No more Boortz. No more Pearson
    Clark Howard, don’t leave!

    Who is this Pearson?
    Old school Atlanta for me.
    Monica Kaufman

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