Unfashionably on-time

It took one day for the above photo to lurch through three different internet sites last week.  This would be the fourth.  It seems I’m late to my own photo.

Most of the blame goes to John Kirtley, the WXIA photog who snapped the picture on his Iphone Thursday.  He put it on Facebook.  But it took the Greensboro NC photog / blogger known as Lenslinger to give it the amusing analysis that, curiously, overlooked the fact I was wearing baseball pants.  His post made a point about the fact that I’m carrying “a fully erect tripod,” something he says young reporters are disinclined to do these days because “they’re too busy juggling status updates.”  Lousy kids!  Read his post here.  It’ll be two well-spent minutes.

Of course, the pants make the photo borderline absurd, not the tripod.  It was shot moments before my 6pm live shot Thursday in the parking lot of the DeKalb County Jail.  Andrea Sneiderman had been bookedin, charged with murder.

My people

I’d killed the entire day outside the jail.  By 6pm, I’d crawled into the live truck and replaced my professional clothing from the waist down with baseball pants and accessories.  The regrettable shower shoes are a fashion faux pas by any definition; I wear them to ease my transition into cleats once at the field.  My team’s game that night was east of town off I-20, making the jail a convenient jumping off point.  I just happened to have my personal vehicle with me.

Perhaps this ridiculous photo can yield some practical advice:  Anybody know how to remove dirt stains that are set in baseball pants?

As an aside, I’d also urge you to read Lenslinger’s Seussian piece about the adventures of an on-call news photographer.  Sample:

Pick up a live truck! Head straight out of town!

An unpleasant something has just fallen down!

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1 thought on “Unfashionably on-time

  1. Deanna

    If you’re a REAL ballplayer, you’ll wear those red mud stains with pride! (I used to play on a coed softball team at the old Softball Country Club called the Mixed Nuts.)


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