Out of the shadows

I made Watson and Pearl pose for this photo.

I made Watson and Pearl pose for this photo.

The cool kids in the workplace are blogging.  You should consider reading their work.  Start with the recently launched blogs of WXIA reporters Jaye Watson and Matt Pearl.

Jaye Watson, WXIA

Jaye Watson, WXIA

The beauty of Watson’s blog is its whimsy combined with her extraordinary writing.  (Saturday, she won her umpteenth Emmy as the southeast’s best TV news writer.)   Her TV stories are lovely and somewhat minimalist.  She has a light touch that frequently delivers what appears to be an effortless emotional punch.

Off-camera, she can be bawdy and acidic, yet she clings tenaciously to what appears to be a genuine belief in the human spirit.  Her first post is an essay lauding flawed women.  It raises our hopes nicely.

  • The yoga-gear outfitted woman at the grocery store in full hair and make up,  insisting she just rolled out of bed, stuffing kale juice and kale greens and mounds of kale everything into her cart, while I try to hide my whipped cream and cookies under my purse. These people are my kryptonite. I can feel my life force fleeing my body as they speak.

Watson also links to a handful of stories she’s produced.  Unlike this guy, her backstage commentary is both enlightening and brief.

120306103401_pearl bioPearl is a one-man-band who specializes in featuring reporting, in a career personally nurtured by our bosslady.  In the last few years, Pearl has won a bunch of awards.  This year, he spent weeks on the road visiting Gannett properties, where he cheerfully schooled newspaper folk on shooting, editing and TV storytelling.

The young man knows his craft.  His blog is an ambitious ongoing treatise about storytelling, mostly — what he likes among his colleagues and competitors, behind-the-scenes pieces about his own newsgathering efforts, and a series of podcasts with folks whose work he admires.

He wrote a magazine-length piece about his trip across Texas to tell the story of Braves rookie Evan Gattis.  It was eye-opening and well-written.  It was also, as a fellow blogger, exhausting.  As he gets the hang of blogging — and realizes how time-consuming it can be, if you let it —  I suspect he’ll scale back his output.

On the other hand, his lengthy review of a book has all-but convinced me to pick up a copy and read it my ownself.

Pearl is a storytelling analyst, and he takes it seriously.  His blog is more scholarly, less whimsical.  Maybe it’ll become a fixture in the syllabuses of college newswriting instructors.

On the move: Julie Wolfe, WXIA

On the move: Julie Wolfe, WXIA

WXIA reporter Julie Wolfe started writing her Atlanta Running Reporter blog in September, and her audience is runners and the people who love them.  Wolfe’s posts are mostly short, snappy and almost always amusing.  She has a self-deprecating quality that is charming and antithetical to her standing as an on-camera TV news diva chick person.

Her post showing some wretched near-the-finish-line shapshots of herself was fun.  She also derides post-race t-shirt and medal giveaways.

My favorite is probably the one she wrote in the voice of her dog, Yogi.

If you’re a runner — or a fan of Julie Wolfe, which you should be — her blog is essential.

All three blogs are worth a click, and a return visit.  They’re all in the blogroll to the right under “Atlanta TV blogs.”

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  1. Elizabeth Crabbe

    Doug, you are so great to give a leg up to your fellow colleagues – and a shout out to you for your own good work in a difficult and mostly thankless business! The mistletoe story still makes me laugh…


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