Daily Archives: August 5, 2013

Tell it to the judge

Judge Gregory Adams is bored by WXIA's Doug Richards and WSB photographer Tony Light.

Judge Gregory Adams is bored by WXIA’s Doug Richards and WSB photographer Tony Light.

“I’d like to see the representatives of the news media at the bench now.” The reporter from WXIA and the photog from WSB marched forward.  “You’re going to jail!” whispered one of the lawyers as we passed the defense table.

“Why are you treating the perjury trial of Andrea Sneiderman like it’s the trial of the century?”

Judge Gregory Adams didn’t actually ask this question.  But it’s more interesting than the one he actually asked.  Here are four answers.  As if you didn’t already know.

The love triangle.  Maybe there was, maybe there wasn’t.  But the admitted killer, Hemy Neuman, was clearly sweet on his victim’s wife.  She’s now accused of covering up for him.

The defendant’s testimony.  Her testimony in Neuman’s trial was remarkable.  She may be a grieving widow, victimized by an obsessed coworker.  But her account of events was contradicted just enough to raise questions.  This trial will be viewed through the prism of that testimony.  Her attorneys won’t let her anywhere near the witness stand again.

The dropped murder charges.  The prosecution lost its nerve, dropping the biggest charge against the defendant at the last minute.  How strong is the remaining case?   As sheer spectacle, the DA is now as much under the spotlight as the defendant.

It’s August.  It’s usually a slow month in the news biz.  But not this August.  Thank you, Judge Adams, for your scheduling — and for not sending T. Light and me to the lockup.