Between the lines

More often than not, this blog isn’t about what I’m actually writing.  It’s about what I’m not writing.  I have a wealth of material I’m withholding.  Mostly, it’s to preserve my relationships– in particular, with my boss and with folks out in the world with whom I must retain a level of rapport.

Here’s what I’m not writing about these days.

Here's a photo I'm not writing about

Here’s a photo I’m not writing about

The (friendly, I thought) politician who told me he thinks my coverage of him sucks.   The politician called my boss to “spin” a story before it aired.  When I texted him to object, he texted back with the surprise critique.  A post might be instructive, but risky.

The latest wrinkle in a volatile relationship with a difficult yet (I admit grudgingly) effective PIO.  The story has the makings of a hilarious post, which I’ll probably never write.

The ridiculous offer by an agency to grant me a long-sought “exclusive” — except for the caveat that I couldn’t record any TV images.  I probably will write this one at some point, but I haven’t completely given up on the story (which wouldn’t be that big an “exclusive” anyway).

The arguably mismanaged launch of a political candidacy.  I say “arguably” because it probably wasn’t.  But it sure did inconvenience journalists!  And that’s what matters, right?

The ups and downs of advocacy journalism.  Perhaps soon.  But not today.

The out-of-work pol who threatened me bodily this spring.  A post would have been a tired repetition of a familiar theme.

The weird new political tilt of a once-noble local news organization.  This would violate my self-imposed moratorium on talking shit about my competitors.

The most laughably worthless waste-of-skin publicist in metro Atlanta.  Actually, this would be an amusing online competition.  Unfortunately, I still call and email my useless nominee, so this post would be ill-advised.

Great local PIOs.  There are some who stand out.  But if I name them, I fear they will face reprisal from their small-minded bosses.


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